What a relief to see crystal clear, blue sky! It has been quite a string of days with smog, chemtrails, dark rain clouds and wildfire smoke. Today was absolutely perfect. The high was 78 degrees.

I was getting very, very antsy. I had not bought groceries in quite awhile. All morning I was too sick and dizzy to go anywhere. Finally after noon, I started to feel a bit better. I decided to go for it. I did not have enough energy to go to Rancho, so went to the closest places….Smith’s and Trader Joe’s. I wasn’t there all that long. At TJ’s, I got wicked bad dizzy at the cash register. The woman freaked when she saw my eyes twirling around and rolling back in my head. She offered water, she wanted me to park against the wall and rest plus she was running back and forth like a chicken with its head cut off.

It’s another one of those situations that I was very touched by her concern, but embarrassed as all heck and I just wanted to flee. I told her I was pretty much always dizzy and would be OK. I had to keep reassuring her. My ears were ringing loud. Sigh…. It was good to go home šŸ™‚

Still dizzy hours later. Exactly at 7 PM, I knew that my sore throat had a reason. My nose is now dripping like I have a cold….not like I have an allergy. And of course my ears ache. Geeze! I just took my last antibiotic this morning….and now I am getting a cold??? I wonder how the germy little grandsons are doing? Did they give this to me? Or worse….did I give it to them? Ugh….my chest is owie….and my neck. Heather and I had sore necks while she was here. Hmmmmmm…..

About the only exciting thing I did today was to cook breakfast. Eggs, onion, half a sweet potato scrambled together. A hash brown on the side. Salsa and queso cremoso on top. I was trying to use up stuff.

For supper, I split 2 potato rolls, put in 2 slices of chicken and 2 slices of provolone and grilled it in the George Foreman. Had that with 4 pickle spears and some Sriracha mayo. I wish I had taken a pic!

Just since I started writing this, the cold has moved into my sinuses. Bummer!!!!!!! Now my face hurts.