What a rough day! The van people are PITAs. He started the van and let it run quite awhile. My apartment filled with exhaust until I was in tears and desperately trying to breathe. Both nostrils quit working. The scratchy throat seized up while breathing in exhaust. Even my ears stopped working. I hobbled into the bathroom where the fan and exhaust fan kept the air a bit better. After blowing my nose countless times, I was able to go back to my comfy chair. Then she drives up in a mini van, parks it next to the big van and starts the van up!

I am not a violent person, and I would never really do anything…..but I was fantasizing getting out my Uzi and wiping out both vans and both people who own the big van. (No….I don’t really have an Uzi) Lately they wake me up at night and wake me up when I nap. They are always out there screwing aound, loading and unloading stuff….but the van has not moved for a couple of weeks. They just make gratuitous noise and move around who knows what. Then later, she comes back, starts up the van again and drives it away. When she came back, she parked it elsewhere. What a relief! It has been blocking my view for a very long time. Can I put spikes in front of my apartment?

The manager has said he asked the van people to move it. The resident manager definitely told them to park elsewhere. What kind of a person repeatedly inflicts pain on purpose? Why do they act that way? What possesses them? While Heather was here, one of the residents went on and on about the van people. Not very complimentary :-p Be gone spawn of Satan!

Hmmmmm….my tolerance level is wearing thin. My ribs hurt bad from struggling to breathe. I keep coughing, choking and sneezing. I just used more than one box of Kleenex in less than 24 hours….so now my nose is raw. The lymphs in my armpits are back to being swollen, as are the ones in my jaw. I am up to 100.4 temperature, but feel hotter. Every time I swallow, my throat and ears hurt. My MG is back to flaring. It’s as if the last 10 days of antibiotics never happened 😦 And as a bonus? My feet, legs and hands are swelling up and I am peeing less. And ohhh… eyeballs hurt sooooo bad!

Ugh….tonight the condos across the street are spewing wood smoke again. I am choking and coughing until I feel like I am going to turn inside out! I guess I had better shut the windows and put on the A/C. Utah people just love their city air pollution 😦 Everybody is extra annoying when I am sick. I miss being a hermit!