I haven’t had a normal person’s run-of-the-mill cold in a long time. It sucks. And it sure came on fast and furious. I slept for 3 hours Saturday night and woke up sneezing. I just love the stuffy head that makes the roots of my teeth hurt, sore throat, red rimmed eyes, earaches….NOT! At least I can breathe out of one nostril. Stupid cold! As of this moment, my left side of my whole body is doing better than my right. Must be my chi is stuck. When I used to get accupuncture and other alternative treatments in Vermont, I heard this a lot. I can feel it.

I stayed awake 3 hours in the middle of the night, then slept for 7 more. I woke up sneezing. I feel AWFUL! My face has a pink butterfly rash and the rims of my eyes are red. Geeze! 24 hours since my last antibiotic pill and I am back to fever and chills. Seems like this happened last time, too.

I had been hoping I could go to stake conference. It was held at Temple Square today in the Assembly Hall. I like going there because the air system is better and there’s a special spot for wheelchairs. Gee, now that I am thinking about it, I made a spectacle of myself last time I was there because I had to use the bathroom in the middle of the meeting…and the way was blocked with stuff and people had to jump up and clear a path. I very much wish I could be a part of things. Sigh…..

After taking my meds and being awake for awhile, I was hungry. It was good 🙂 I sliced 2 potato rolls in half and made sausage egg sandwiches with a hash brown, and ketchup to dip it in. It was good when it was going down, but my guts have been protesting ever since. Sigh…..

Another oh, oh this morning. An ambulance came here with no siren. Luckily there were no cops and coroner afterwards. I have a suspicion who they were here for. I am wondering if it was for my friend Marion? She had heart surgery and has not been healing well. One of her lungs keeps filling with fluid. Last time I heard, the lung had been drained twice. If it happened again, she was going to have to go back to the hospital and stay 😦

I have not heard any noise above me since the last ambulance was here. I hope that guy is OK. Senior living….people are always dying to get out of here. Yesterday one of the women that comes to my apartment to visit, moved out. I sat with her a few minutes as a moving company took her things out the door. She is going to a senior apartment where the square footage is less and it only costs a third of income. She is at death’s door. It doesn’t make sense to cut corners now. She has terminal cancer. All the nice people are dead or dying, some of the worst alkies and druggies have been kicked out and I have fired the laundry lady. Great place to live 🙂 I am always surprised I am still here each morning!