This is for sure the most I have coughed since the hysterectomy. My belly wound and hernia are soooooo not amused 😦 My chest, ears, throat and kidneys all feel like they want to explode. I am now on my 3rd box of Kleenex.

The good news is that I got a doc appointment for Tuesday. The bad news is my MG friend got checked out and she has pneumonia and a sinus infection 😦 I hope the pseudo doc figures out what’s up with me.

I could not leave my window open tonight. Cigarette smoke was billowing in. I could not figure out where it was coming from, so gave up, closed the window and turned on the A/C. My nose and lips are cracked and sore despite copious amounts of bag balm and Burt’s Bees lip balm. Ouch.


Despite my asking people not to send presents, someone did. Olive is very pleased 🙂 She has been raking in the gifts lately! The mailman knocked on my door. I answered the usual way….with a croaky voice and swaying all over. The guy must think I am a drunk! He put the box on my walker and I sat down and took stuff out bit by bit. Olive was keenly interested. I have been using a pet glove to remove hair. Today Olive got a brush. Oh, my gosh! Olive loves, loves, loves being brushed.


Olive is excited to have gotten a National Geographic owl cat toy 🙂 After I took the pic, I noticed her fierce claws were out.


And more cat treats! Olive gets her treats in the wobbly mouse with big ears. If I haven’t put treats inside in a timely manner, Olive picks up the mouse by an ear and brings it to me. Pushy cat!

Olive got some pretty citrus colored cat poop bags.

I really liked the Burt’s Bees lip balm because I need it! While the grandsons were here, they pointed out the missing bristles in my brush. I got one to go by my chair and a small one that fits perfect in my messenger bag 🙂 And the brushes came with this combo comb/hair pick. Turns out it was exactly what I needed to get cat hair out of the new cat brush!

I don’t know how the secret sister knew, but she got me the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. I am allergic to sulfates. It makes fluid filled bumps on my scalp. Cool.

I am too cheap to buy myself grocery list paper. I am rather excited to have special pens and paper 🙂

And a shower poof! I would not buy myself one, but I am looking forward to using it. Back when I was a farmer, I used to use one to scrub the dirt and manure off me 🙂

That package was a fun distraction from feeling awful. Thank you secret sister 🙂 And dang! Do I ever feel awful. I had quite the fever going this afternoon. I was too ditzy to actually take my temperature, though. Gee…..when I take my Mestinon and Motrin every 6 hours, it’s helping. I get pretty ragged just before it’s time to take meds. Tonight there’s a wet rattle in my lungs. That makes me choke even harder. Here’s hoping I can get some decent sleep.