It has been so long since I made a video, that I had forgotten how! With a chromebook, you have to go to Google+ and do a video hangout. That then goes to YouTube.

I am surprised I did not cough on camera….but glad! Coughing hurts everything, especially the hernia. I coughed about 4 hours straight earler today 😦 It feels like for now, I have blown everything from my sinuses and coughed everything out of my lungs.

One of my SLC friends with MG has a sinus infection today. We talked about going to the ER. I think she was braver than me and actually went to the ER. I avoid going if at all possible. The kidney pain is what will propel me out the door if I go. Sometimes it’s excruciating.

I don’t know how I can get so sick within hours after stopping doxycycline. It must be one heck of a stubborn infection brewing in me.