I went to the doc’s office this morning. My appointment was with the APRN, not the GP. I had just seen her a week ago while on antibiotics. I had looked and sounded pretty good for me. She had given me a high 5.

Well, she walked in the exam room this time, took one look at me and got that deer in the headlights look. She asked me some questions and bolted. She came back in with the GP. He told me she was scared. He looked like he was going to cry. Instead he kissed me on the forehead and gave me a big bear hug. I looked AWFUL, my eyes were almost closed, my voice was a croak and I kept coughing. Neither one knew what to do. They wanted me to get IVIg. They decided my infection needs IV antibiotics and prescribed cough syrup. I peed in a cup so it could be cultured for germs. Each time I pee, soon afterwards my kidneys are on fire. They gave me a nebulizer breathing treatment, and that helped.

Well….I waited anxiously by the phone, but no home health agency contacted me 😦 They are supposed to come give me IV antibiotics at home. Tonight my fever went up to 102.1. I was feeling kind of delerious. These fevers mess more and more with my brain. I have the A/C on, the box fan on high right next to me and I am still burning up and sweating. I have been sweating profusely and the whole apartment smells like vinegar again.

This is not good. A few people in my MG support groups told me to go to the ER. If only!!! What ER? I don’t have a neuro and the big hospital treats me like crap. All I can do is wait for morning and hope somebody, somewhere does something.

And that cough syrup? Not very helpful! It makes me cough even more. My hernia is ripping 😦 I am NOT a fan of Q Tussin DM 100 10/5. I am running out of fingers to count how many times I have peed my pants from coughing the last 2 days.

It’s really hard to think. I hope I am making sense. Ugh….not doing well at all…..