Hmmmmm….I hope the universe does not take that as a challenge.

Last night was awful. Fever, night sweats, chills, coughing, ripping hernia….you know, the same old stuff. When I saw my hernia this morning in the bathroom mirror, fainting was a possibility. It has increased in size, is as hard as a rock, and worst of all, it hurts like heck. Each time I pee, it takes a minute or so and my kidneys turn to fire. Sometimes I cough for hours straight. Sometimes I don’t.

I got my first email around 9:30 AM. It was the nurse telling me I should go to the ER and they were still working on my order for home health and IV antibiotics. Over the course of the day he wrote 5 emails and we “talked” on the phone once. My voice is hard to understand. He called my insurance company, got a list of home health agencies that took their reimbursement, found a company that was going to give me the IV antibiotics and then a company nurse called me and asked questions. Then my doc’s nurse wrote back to say my insurance would not pay. What the heck???? His last email to me was at 3:30. I kept waiting to hear more……….crickets…….

I wondered if I should try to find an ER…but that usually ends poorly. I didn’t know what to do!

Soon, all of that was forgotten.

Just before 7 PM, there was a guy staring in my window. He was youngish and Polynesian….not someone who lives in my senior apartment and I had never seen him around before. I got up to look out my window. I thought he was gone. I sat back down. I felt impressed to get back up, shut and lock the windows, and close the blinds.

When I went in my bedroom, I could see the guy sitting under the bush near my window. Then he crawled under the bush.

I quick called the resident assistant. I told her the guy was crazy and to be very careful. Then the guy started rapidly cycling between being violent and saying ooooh, ahhhhh, peace and love. Then he would violently whirl around and fall to the ground. At that point the RA got there. A crowd was forming. People were busy calling the manager and the cops.
The crazy guy kept trying to hurt people. I think he was doing parts of the haka, but while high. He was artistic in his craziness :-p The RA kept trying to get him to sit. I thought she was toast. NOT a good idea to put your hands on someone like that 😮 The guy got very angry and violent and was screaming as several cop cars, the fire chief and the ambulance drove up. It took 4 cops to get him on the ground. An ambulance guy gave him a shot of some med in the neck. I could hear them saying he took meth and crack. A cop had to keep sitting on the guy. After awhile he got less violent. The whole thing was maybe 45 minutes from looking in my window to being taken away. I sat on the bed and took pics. I could not use the zoom because the flash was on automatic. I was way too hyper to figure out how to turn it off.
Good thing I told the RA the guy was crazy and to be very careful. She left her young granddaughter inside.

Whenever my adrenaline gets pumping, I can breathe better. See….there’s an upside to crazy people outside! I suspect that when that wears off, I won’t feel well at all. I hope something good happens tomorrow!!!!!!!!!