As if my medical problems aren’t enough, now I have to worry about the whole government shutting down. This letter says that the SNAP benefits I got September 15th, might not be available October 1st. I try to space out my food money so there’s some to buy fresh things until the 15th of the next month. Sounds like a bad idea this month. Hopefully I will feel better and can go buy things before the end of the month. I ran out of eggs a few days ago. I need to shop! I still have $22.50 to spend.


A day of emails and phone calls. Nobody could procure the meds and supplies, the pharmacy person was freaked about my voice and said meds would be here soon at around 10 AM, the nurse said he would be here….and then….silence and nobody showed up. I wondered if it was going to be the same as the other days. Then a courrier brought meds around 4 PM, and the nurse got here at maybe 5:30. The IV antibiotic finally dripped into me around 6 and was done by 6:30.


After the nurse left, my port started hurting and my skin hurt. Then each place that hurt before, like kidneys, belly, lungs, etc were even worse 😦 I was hoping that was not a bad reaction! I felt awful until about 9:30 when I realized some of the pain was dropping away. I still am choking and in terrible pain, but it’s no longer near the top of the charts.

I wish my myasthenia would feel better! This infection is knocking the stuffing out of me. Ohhhhh, sooooooo weak. When I blow my nose, I can barely get any air out. It hurts to breathe in and it hurts to breathe out. Still hard to walk with my walker.

And dang!!! I had to get dressed and go outside to get my meds and supplies. My voice worked for a few minutes and then boom….my voice broke and has stayed that way. It was weird because my voice was so awful before and since those few minutes. My real voice was wasted on the courrier. I doubt he appreciated it 🙂