My port was deaccessed Friday night. It got to be “naked” overnight. What a relief! I hate the darned clear square adhesive that’s like a block of tape that goes over my port when it’s being used. For a week now I have had a dangly thing on there that had to be covered with plastic wrap each time I showered.

I have to admit, I am scared that my usual nurse is going to reaccess my port. I had to tell her how to put heparin in and how to take the needle out Friday. A port is a direct line to the heart. Only certain RN’s are allowed to access them. There is strict protocol on how to clean the area. This nurse doesn’t wash her hands on regular days….she just puts gloves on….then does things like pet the cat. I wish the guy was coming back to access the port! I will have to keep an eagle eye on her.

Well, it’s 8 PM Saturday and my fears were justified. The nurse stuck a needle in my port around 5…and pulled it out. There were no more needles. She had to call a bunch of places for more supplies. Everybody was closed. She finally got someone at 5:30 who said they would be here in a hour with a 3/4 ” non-coring Huber. Ha! Just looked at the delivery paper and it did, indeed, say delivery by 6:30. It got here closer to 8:30.

The nurse stuck the needle in so it went outside of the port and I screamed REALLY loud. She dropped the needle on the floor. I told her we needed someone good at it to get the needle in. The nurse called the guy I like….who lives in Grantsville…..the town Heather drove me to when she was here. It’s a very long round trip in the rain to come patch me up.

The humongous adrenaline rush from the crazy pain, made my voice work! I feel sooooooooooo much better with adrenaline. Perhaps a doc should find out why. My eyes undrooped and it’s now easier to breathe. BUT….something is wrong with my chest. I have a large area of crushing pain from neck to belly to left shoulder.

So the guy nurse got here and he could not get the needle in, either. On the 4th needle of the night, they worked together and the darned thing was finally in the right place! It was 10:15 PM when the last nurse left. What a loooooooooong day!

I had spent most of the day watching three 2 hour sessions of General Conference and the Priesthood meeting. My brain is having a hard time processing things. Overload!