Tonight, when the nurse got here, I was standing up. She had never seen me standing before. I loved watching her face when she saw the silhouette of my hernia through my skirt. She said it was like in the movie Alien. Yup….that’s me!

I still feel pretty yucky, but my BP, o2 saturation, temperature and brain are all doing slightly better. My kidneys do not hurt as much, I am hardly coughing and I seem a bit perkier and more with-it. It’s about time! My last Ertapenem infusion will be Thursday. I hope my all-over edema goes down once I am not taking antibiotics.

Then, if I still don’t perk up, it will be time for a Medrol dosepack. It gets really tedious to be so weak and not be able to take full breaths. I am not having fevers….but I am still having night sweats. And, my guts hurt. A lot. It’s a relief to have ANY improvement and I am hoping for more 🙂