I was coughing my brains out when the new nurse walked in. I was glad to see she was the cheerful sort and not a worry wort. She saved that for later. I coughed up crud from my lungs the whole time she was here. Geeze! I slept 12 hours last night, then took a 3 hour nap this afternoon. I have been weak, wimpy and exhausted.

Two more infusions to go. It has been a long time to feel like crap. The same nurse is supposed to come back tomorrow, then I get the nurse again who had a hard time with my port….and I am done! I sincerely hope I am done. Antibiotics sure make my MG muscles weaker ūüė¶


Antibiotics are one of several classes of medication that can impair neuromuscular transmission and may increase weakness in patients with underlying junctional disorders. Numerous case reports link antibiotic administration to causing neuromuscular weakness, though this occurs even in normal patients. From: http://www.aliem.com/antibiotics-and-myasthenia-gravis/

Tonight I opened my last box of Kleenex. I really need enough strength to go buy more and to go to the bank for laundry quarters. My laundry hasn’t been done since Heather left. Yikes! Who knew I was going to be this weak when I thought I could handle my own laundry? Sigh…..