I woke up every hour to hour and a half last night….but I am happy about it! After all this edema, I finally started peeing some of it away. Then I had non-stop night sweats all night long. By morning, it was lots easier to breathe. I did a dumb thing. I went grocery shopping. I had a list, but I came home with very little. My brain checked out before I ever left home. Gee…..what did I want after weeks of feeling awful? And by the time I got home, my legs were swollen from hanging down while in my wheelchair.

I just had to buy bananas! Got home, ate one and my tongue got sore and swollen. Why did it do that? I wish I had bought some crackers. I am queasy.

Then it was the last nurse visit!!! After the antibiotic infusion, she peeled off the darned adhesive and pulled out the needle. I had been going crazy from itching, so it was instant relief. Ahhhhhhh….and now I can take showers without being all wound up in plastic wrap.

My BP went way up. Yesterday it was around 120/60. Today it was close to 170/90. Why is my blood pressure all over the place? I am the one who is usually too low. But….the nurse said I am a very different and stronger person than the one she met at the beginning of the antibiotic infusions. I hope so! I was “hardly here” in the beginning.


I don’t understand my lipodermatosclerosis leg. From my point of view it only looks slightly crazy. From the front, it looks like some sort of monstrosity. Makes me wonder how many other things about myself aren’t what they seem to me :-p