It was another one of those days I got up early and then went back to bed until around noon. The vinegar vapor is so strong in here that I have to open the windows wide, even if it’s cold outside. Once my pills have hit and the vinegar vapor is aired out, I get tired and sleep until it’s time for more Motrin and Mestinon.

After my usual couple hours back and forth to the bathroom, I figured I probably had enough strength to go get some groceries. I was craving such normal American stuff! Bread, milk, eggs, bananas and hot dogs. I haven’t had sliced bread in a long time. I wanted an almond butter and pumpkin butter sandwich. The ingredients have been sitting on my shelf, just waiting for bread.

I felt anxious the whole way home. I needed to zoom back to the bathroom. I used that time headed for my apartment to look around and think about life without a home base. I saw a gathering of severely disabled people in the park, I watched homeless people spread out under trees. I once again thought about how grateful I am not to be homeless. I know me. When I don’t feel good, I want to hunker down in my own space and be alone.

I came home, made a sandwich, and was very, very grateful to be home. I am glad I finally had enough energy to go out. A lot of being gone was a blur. My brain is still not fully functioning. I do remember trying to lift my cloth bag of groceries up from between my feet at the store. I did not have enough strength and the bagger hurried over to help. My eyes instantly slammed shut from the weakness. Sigh….. I was glad when she hung it on the back of my chair for the trip home.

Yes…..very glad I am not homeless. I don’t feel well. Time to hunker down some more……