Now that I am healing from the infection and lung involvement……wow, I am tired! When I think back on all the chills, fevers, sweats, coughing, etc….I must have lost a lot of snoozing time. I guess I am trying to make up for it. I was awake a couple of hours this morning for pills and a banana, then slept until after 1:30 in the afternoon. And like every other day lately, I am STILL tired.

The apartment manager brought me a bag of meds after 5 PM. Apparently I slept through the pharmacy delivery person coming to my door.

Tonight I have been watching the debates. The idiot is Jim Webb. He is petulant both personally and professionally. Hillary is stodgy and boring, but sometimes human. Bernie is my favorite and I have been alternately loving/disliking both O’Malley and Chafee. I wish Webb was tossed out and the other 4 could work together to make this a better country.

I watched the entire debate on the computer thanks to CNN. I couldn’t bear to listen to the Republican “debates” for more than a few minutes. As the Dems pointed out, Repubs are against things, while Dems have real ideas and plans. I don’t feel slimy after listening to these folks (well, maybe Webb)….but I sure did after listening to the Repubs. I want to live in a country where everyone is valued and given the freedom to exist without being mocked and denigrated. I get tired of being at the bottom of the Repubs’s refuse heap.

It doesn’t help that I am living in a Republican state that seems incredibly corrupt. On one of the myasthenia groups, we were comparing experiences in how we have been treated. I guess I will always be shocked at the subltle to blatant inequities in a highly polarized political environment. I continue to watch people who ought to be the salt of the earth, just keep smiling and going along with the status quo. The word heartbroken comes to mind 😦