When I heard this on the debates last night, I was flabbergasted. It took awhile to sink in that this must be some new movement that I don’t fully understand and the answer is some sort of litmus test.

I believe that ALL lives matter…..no matter what color or what job a person does or doesn’t have, no matter income or posessions, no matter education or amount of friends, etc.

Of course I had heard and seen stuff about Black Lives Matter…usually related to police shootings and the unfair justice system. But…..I had never heard it is now considered politically correct to choose “black” over “all”.

I have been thinking about that all night long. I woke up very angry and crying. There is always some group shifting awareness to themselves. We could play this game forever. What it comes down to is many of us are marginalized or discriminated against or hated for who and what we are. If we all cared about the next person as if they were our best friend, the world would be a heck of a lot better place. ALL lives matter!

Last summer the ALS bucket challenge caught on. It was a great learning experience and money raiser. But what if ALL diseases got the research and awareness they need? What if we ALL mattered?

And then there’s disability income. There is a whole segment of society who thinks most disabled people are just lazy and faking it….and that somehow we are living a life of financial ease. Being disabled sucks! I would love to go back to 20 years old and re-do my life as an able-bodied person! I have missed sooooo much!

I have been on the short end of the stick an awful lot of my life. It was humiliating, embarassing, frustrating, shameful, unfair, unjust, wrong, etc. I could write a book about the abuse, discrimination, rough times, experiences in the justice system, and on and on. Mostly I am invisible in my struggles.

I think lots of racial/ethnic groups get a raw deal. Black lives do matter, but don’t give me crap that ALL lives don’t matter! We could all fill out questionnaires to see who has it hardest and who has it easiest. It’s nowhere near as easy as a racial divide. If instead of dividing up, we united in caring about everyone, the world would be a better place.

I got dressed and went to the community room because I saw the Food Bank truck go by my window. As usual, most of what is offered doesn’t even make it to my apartment. It’s food I don’t want. Except….a miracle ocurred! I got one can of chicken noodle soup in the box 🙂 I gave back the 2 cans of green beans, cranberry sauce, canned potatoes, a box of cream of chicken soup, grape juice, plastic cheese, sardines, etc. How about a bunch of bananas or a bag of salad instead of that crap? Too bad being poor means shut up and eat what you are given….whether it’s good for you, or not. I was pretty grossed out to see the heap of very moldy donated hamburger and hot dog rolls on the table.

Until we each care about each other, we are all going to be unhappy.