I finally had enough strength to go do laundry! It’s a nice space, is air conditioned and has a handicap access door opener. It’s only a third of a mile from my apartment. That’s way more pleasant that going up the elevator here into a nasty, cramped laundry room that’s boiling hot 🙂

I used the 2 washers closest to the Coke machine. 9 quarters to wash and 25 cents per 6 minutes to dry. I spent $7. Made me feel good to know it saved me $10 by not having a laundry lady. But ouch! I earned that $10. I was able to sit in my power chair the whole time. One machine for light, one for dark. I was able to put clothes in the bottom row dryers. The hard part was all the reaching and bending. I am sore from that. Next time I am bringing my reacher stick.

It took me about 3 hours of work/rest to fold and put away everything. Most of the laundry is undies, bar mop towels and bedding. My clothes are but a fraction of the wash. I generally only wear real clothes for a few minutes at a time…like to get the mail and take out the garbage. I hang those clothes on IV poles in front of the bedroom A/C vent. I can wear them half a dozen times before it equals a whole day. I usually have 3 shirts and 3 skirts hanging there that I alternate until putting them in the laundry basket. The limiting factor is undies…..and night gowns. I wear lightweight night gowns all day, every day. Hopefully I will now go to the laundromat every couple of weeks and avoid the hand washing. We will see. It’s amazing how sick and weak I can be sometimes.

My hernia is now so large that it rivals a pregnant woman’s belly. Ever since my bad cough, it has gotten bigger 😦 Now, I can’t bend at the waist enough to easily get up from my chair. Today I realized the hernia is affecting my ability to bend enough to comfortably reach while in my wheelchair. Not liking my hernia at all! I get the same back pain as a pregnant woman, too.

Yikes! I just saw the snow in the eastern US and Canada. Yesterday our high was 86, today 76….but today felt hotter to me because of the humidity. Heck, it’s raining and 60 degrees and I am still too hot. Must be me. Must be nice to have a working body thermostat!

I have been “bad” today. I basically had the same meal for brunch and supper. I thought about cooking something better for me, but the thought just made me queasier. Brunch eggs had avocado and pizza cheese with Sriracha sauce. Supper eggs had Swiss and Gruyere cheese with Hatch green chili salsa. I did have that half avocado and the 2 kinds of sauce :-p