Hmmmmmmm…..only light night sweats and minimal pain. Was I still alive? I got up and there was no excruciating pain. What was going on? Even my morning commute back and forth and back and forth to the bathroom was less stressful. I washed my hair in preparation for getting a haircut. Still OK. I gathered my shopping bags and grocery list…and was not SOB!!!!

I toodled out to the parking lot, put on my sunglasses and started down the road. I felt like someone who had just been let out of jail. I was surprised I was free! Got to the first block and had a strong feeling I should go to DI. I hadn’t been there in more than a month! I found a kid book and a cookbook, then looked around. I could not believe what I was seeing! On the shelf, for $15, was a Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker. Wow!

I kept a similar one on my wishlist for months. Then I decided to give up. I put things on my wishlist, figure they are too much to wish for, and take them down regularly. Well…..I got my wish 🙂 And I felt more independent doing it. How cool is that??? Then I came back to my apartment and put the cooker on the counter. I figured by then I would give up, but I was still OK!

What a beautiful fall day 🙂 The air was crisp, but not cold. The sun was shining, but not strong. My first stop was to get my hair cut. I had not done that for more than 2 months. My ususal hairdresser was surprised that my voice worked so well. Me, too! She said I looked healthier than usual.

Next I went to Trader Joe’s. I bought a few things uncharacteristic of me. I decided life is too short to just eat the burned peas. (inside joke) I got a Pumpkin Panettone and some clam chowder, among other things. Then I went over to Smith’s for a gallon of milk…..and took off for home.

I had no sooner gotten the food put away and my counselor showed up exactly on time! I almost fainted :-p  I was standing in the kitchen looking at my cooker. I don’t think he ever sees me standing. I am a lot bigger than him 🙂 I also showed him my hernia in the standing position. He wanted to know if I had a tumor. It’s REALLY big 😮

I told him that just a few days ago, I wondered if I had clinical depression. He told me I had to be depressed for 3 months straight like that, so no. He also said in all the time I have known him, he had never heard my voice work so well. Hmmmmmm…..three people in a week said that about my voice. Good trend! Mostly we talked politics, Utah Mormon foibles and socio-economic issues. I always get the impression he’s glad to talk about that stuff with me.

I had gone all day with no food and it was 4 PM. I heated up clam chowder and had it with lavosh bread. Later tonight I had 2 slices of the pumpkin panettone. Not bad 🙂

About half an hour after eating, the gut distress started. As I often suspect, it’s eating that makes me sicker. Lots of rumbling in there and I can feel it bubbling since my intestines are right against my skin. It sure was fun to have a minimally painful day and a working voice 🙂