This has been a very painful day. For days now, the hernia has been getting worse AND my bladder has been trying to fall out. More than a year ago, the GYN said my cystocele and rectocele were at the worst grade. Well, now they’re worse.

There was a very hard, flat spot just under my incision, across the bottom of my belly. Now that patch is delaminating. Just in a few days, it had gotten wicked painful. The top layer of flesh seems to be no longer attached to underlying structures. What has been wood hard skin is now puffy and squishy. Something bad is happening 😦

I can now feel my bladder falling out 24/7. It hurts and stings. It affects how easy it is to pee and how often I have to go. This afternoon it hurt so bad that I took a nap to escape it.

Just to pass gas, let alone poop, I have to lift up my hernia to the far right at the bottom, then press it in. It’s way bigger than a football there. This never happened before. I had been noticing that part of me sounded like a sack of gurgling fluids. I am thinking something is being cut off there from where it goes through the fascia.

I have seen surgeons, I keep getting CT scans. There seems to be nothing that can be done. No wonder the GYN cried. Now it’s way worse 😦