It’s after noon and I remember very little. Last night was awful. I woke up every hour or less to pee. My bladder doesn’t like being squished. I also had drenching night sweats. Each time I woke up, I had to peel myself out of the soaked bed 😦 It’s REALLY nasty to put the cold, wet CPAP headgear back on each time I get back in bed…..then lie down on the cold, wet sheet. Yuck. And I had dreams full of stress that wore me out. Sigh….

The parking lot has turned into a flophouse for homeless people. The van woman now has 2 boyfriends in the parking lot and one upstairs. And she no longer lives here…..but is ALWAYS here…. all night and most of the day. Things like this never end well. Someone is going to get hurt. Apparently there is no end of drama inside and outside for these people. I am tired of them waking me up. If I nap in the day, they are screaming. At night there is lots of door sliding and slamming. Time for the manager to quit being wishy washy about this situation! Grrrrrrrr…..

I guess the theme for today is exhaustion. The hernia and prolapse pain dogs me day and night….and so do the homeless boyfriends. Time for the idiots to find someplace else to hang out. I don’t know what to do about me. I am soooooooooooooo tired!