I stayed awake a couple of hours this morning, then went back to bed for more than 4 hours. I felt wicked bad sick 😦 Woke up feeling better, but that didn’t last long. Seems that the MG, hernias and pelvic floor collapse all sort of become one thing. Ugh. Queasy, weak, tired of pain!

I have not even touched the medical paperwork today. My eyes are too blurry for reading from paper. I can just barely read the lit computer screen. Ever since WNV, reading books is tough.

I feel very flu-y again. This never ends. I used to blame it on lupus…now also WNV. My skin is creepy, I am alternately freezing and burning up. Temps in the 30’s tonight. I turned on the heater for the first time this season. Cough, cough….choke, choke. I hate the part when dust has to burn off and blow through.

Yesterday the 2 vans and the SUV with creeptoids finally all left the parking lot! Did the manager kick them out? Were they fleeing cold weather? Whatever it is, I hope that’s the end of it. I am soooooooooo tired of parking lot noise and drama.

Significant snow in the mountains, but only light rain here in the valley. My feet are getting itchier by the day! I miss seeing new things and going new places….