Today was 71 degrees. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week show snow in the forecast. I wish I felt well enough to go out today! Yesterday I left for maybe 5 minutes to take pics of that van. I hardly ever go outside except to take out garbage…and I am overdue on that. Still 60 degrees at 8 PM šŸ™‚

As I type this, there’s a Halloween Party going on in the community room. Nope, can’t go to it. I am too busy going to the bathroom and back. I woke up feeling OK….until the second I stood up. That’s a trend lately. I don’t know the mechanics behind it, but something bad happens to my abdominal contents when I stand. Let’s call it mass chaos. It hurts so bad that I think of calling 911, but so far the intenseness tones down after awhile.

This is my second morning of peeing pink. Not sure how scared I should be. I see the doc next week.

I spent most of the day dreaming about escaping Utah šŸ™‚

My head hurts real bad. STOP!!!!!! Hard to think or hold a thought.