I took 2 diflucan pills in 2 days. In what way does that make my blood sugar shoot up???? I was sitting here feeling terrible, so I tested my blood. 319!!!!!! I haven’t even eaten yet. This is not good 😦 My #’s go up during infections, so what now? I feel soooooo sick. For weeks now, I have been wondering if I get bouts of pancreatitis. It sure feels a lot like when I first got pancreatitis with West Nile Virus….and I often feel like the WNV flares. Sigh….

I ate brunch, and about an hour afterwards, had gone down to 318. Then I went for 6 or 7 hours without eating, but shot up Lantus, and my blood sugar is still 264 😮  I am hungry, but am afraid to eat! Really…..what the heck????

We had our first valley snow of the season. I wish I had enough energy to get up again after this pic. We soon had a white-out.

I didn’t bother to dream today. I just endured. Soooooooooooooo many reasons…..