This morning I sat up and one corner of the box springs fell through the bed frame 😦 I wanted to cry, but I was too exhausted. I had slept less than 3 hours. Long story. Sooooo, I could not go back to bed without breaking the frame and I sure did not have enough strength to fix it.

During the day, I tried to think of strong people who might be able to help me. Just like last time, I had no idea who. It’s all wimpy people here. This evening, at the optimum strength in my dose cycle of Mestinon, I went to work. Tossed the pillows and quilt off the bed, pulled the mattress and topper towards the bottom to clear the dresser, then bit by bit, slid the mattress to an upright position against the wall.

It felt impossible to get the box springs unstuck. I pushed and pulled from each side until the box springs came loose. Then I centered it between the wooden railings….and reversed the whole process. Very bad for both my hernia and MG 😦

Besides my usual physical funk, I am in a funk about the LDS church. It’s bad enough they have issues with gay people, but when they also made new policy about children of same sex couples, I was stunned. It goes against the Bible and LDS teachings as I understand them. From people around me, I am not the only one shocked, confused and sickened. I am hoping I will wake up and find it’s all not true. It’s reminiscent of being married to someone and finding out they are not who you thought they were 😦

The thought struggles I have been going through about it all since yesterday are personal and confusing. I struggle enough on a normal day. I need space and time to think deeply. Just like in any relationship, I need to hear more before flying off the handle. For now, I am deeply disturbed. I have huge faith in God. I have less faith in Republicans.