While looking for a picture, I found this, instead…..

Light rail kills 12.5 people for every billion passenger miles carried, whereas buses kill just 4.5 people per billion passenger miles. Urban roads and streets, by comparison, kill about 8.2 people per billion vehicle miles, which works out to 4.9 per billion passenger miles. While buses are slightly safer than cars, light rail is 2-1/2 times more dangerous than cars.

I had to get up at 6 AM to shower and get ready. I wasted almost an hour trying to figure out how to get from here to the internist on public transportation. UTA sucks. Then I remembered that routes are on Google, and I had answers in minutes. The UTA trip finder should be shot! On the UTA site, it insists there is no such address as where I was going. In the last 3 years, I have wasted days worth of time trying to figure out how to get from one place to another by bus and TRAX. Google says it takes 9 minutes to go the 4 miles there by car. Or, an hour by TRAX, then switching to a bus. Somehow it always takes more like an hour and a half. And….it figures that the temperature was 42 when I left home….too warm by 2 degrees to take paratransit.

On the way to the TRAX stop, a bunch of cops were blocking the sidewalk in front of Millcreek Coffee Roasters. The crime scene unit car was there and a uniformed cop was telling them something about a broken window. Then I get to the Courthouse TRAX station and a cop looking guy, dressed in orange, with a body camera on him, said hi. I asked him what he does. He was some sort of big deal UTA supervisor. We talked until my train came.

Interesting stuff! Something about train tracks being federally protected. He pointed to his very beefy UTA truck and said that if any vehicle gets stuck on the tracks, he is authorized to pull them off….unceremoniously. That explains what I saw once. They don’t care what happens to the car, they winch it across concrete barriers. The tracks must remain clear.

When I got off the train and got on the bus, I realized I haven’t been on a bus in months. It’s always a chore to turn the corner to go towards the back of the bus, especially while swiping my paratransit card. Then I have to turn around and park where the bus driver can lash down my power chair. The driver has to kneel the bus for me and put out a big ramp so I can get on….then reverse those things. It feels like a major production 😦 I hate the getting on and off the bus!

So, I followed directions and got to the lab half an hour before my doc appointment. The receptionist said it would be an hour wait to get tested. I said I needed to go to my appointment. Pfffffftttttt…..they did the a1c test in the office with a finger poke. No lab necessary. Glad I missed the lab, because the doc thought of more blood tests to run. I told him I would have testing done when I get my port flushed.

I like my internist. He is awfully patient with me 🙂 He also spent more than half an hour checking me out and asking questions. I would hate to be in line to see him after a patient like me. He always takes his time. I just looked up my visit online. It says….

Fetal malnutrition, 2,500+ grams
Uncontrolled type 2 diabetes with nerve disease
Open Abdominal Wall Wound, Initial Encounter

Gee….do you think someone might have made a mistake????? I will let you guess which one is wrong 🙂

The doc has raised the dosage of Lantus and he added lisinopril to protect my kidneys. I don’t know what’s going on with me. My baseline for blood sugar seems to be 170. I am to shoot up 5 extra ml two times each day for a week, then 5 more ml the next week, and so on until my base is 140. I want to know what happened to me to cause my blood sugar to suddenly rise?!?!?! And when it goes up from 170….it goes into the 300’s 😮 It was suggested that I need to see an eye doc. I just called for an appointment with my neuro-opthalmologist and can’t be seen until mid December. The usual wait is 6 months, so I am supposed to feel special :-p

The trip home was windy and cold. There was a swath of pure black sky with heavy precipitation off in the mountains. While going over the interstate overpass on the bus, I could see snow covered mountain peaks in all directions. Geeze! It’s up to 64 degrees at 1 PM. Heat wave 🙂 The rain predicted for earlier went north, instead.

I get home, and immediately see the manager and resident assistant staring at a screen. I know from being in there, it’s a big screen with many little screens for all the security cameras. It was fun….but scary to watch their faces. Then the manager said a bunch of bad words and grabbed his phone. I kept going to my apartment. I wonder what’s up here? They were probably replaying something bad that happened overnight or from the weekend. No end of creepy people and their goings-on in this building.