So I woke up this morning and my blood sugar was 136! I hadn’t even shot up the new, larger dose of Lantus yet. I shot up 50 ml, then ate huevos rancheros. I was afraid I had just eaten way too many carbs. 2 hours later, my blood sugar was 137 🙂 I tested blood sugar again at 4 PM, and it was 125!!!

For days, my feet and legs had been getting worse. They felt like they were being bitten by fire ants while being electrocuted. When I moved around, using my walker, my legs felt like numb, but painful stumps. At night, the buzzing, quivering, zinging just got worse and worse. My feet and legs also felt encased in something hard and cold. Imagine my surprise, when late yesterday, my feet started feeling “normal”. I spent hours wiggling around my toes 🙂

Then this morning, my feet still felt alive! Not only that, but I was hungry for breakfast! And my hernia didn’t hurt! I fried 3 corn tortillas and put them on my plate. Then I fried a bit of onion with 2 sausage links that were diced up. I dumped in half a can of diced tomatoes, half a can of green chiles, some salsa verde and heated it all up. Once the sauce boiled, I cracked 2 eggs into it. Then I broke up the tortillas and put them on top of the sauce. Next I grated Oaxaca cheese on top of it all and put a lid on. I kept it on simmer until the cheese was melted. Dang! It was good 🙂

It wasn’t until I finished eating that I realized I stood there cooking for quite awhile without thinking about it. Usually it takes only a few minutes to be doubled over in pain. I sat in the chair without screaming. I ate without being worn out from the chewing or from shoveling food in. And once again, I realized my feet and legs felt pleasant!

When I took the dishes to the sink, I poked my head out into the hallway and discovered it was food box day. I washed my hair in the sink, got dressed and went to get food. Another box of horrible things for diabetics….and less food than ever. I sat in the community room, talking to people. Every single person, without exception, looked in their box, grumbled and said I’d rather have a turkey or I wish I got a turkey. That’s exactly what I had said in my own head. I kept 3 small cans of cranberry juice concentrate, a loaf of bread, a can each of chicken and tuna, a tuna sized can of salmon and a jar of peanut butter. No eggs, no real cheese offered. Bummer. I had been counting on a dozen eggs. I gave back the 2 cans of sliced potatoes, the humongous bag of quick oats, the couple of pounds of craisins…..and I did not take the brick of plastic cheese.

That got me thinking about this week’s goal. I wanted to work on cleaning out the cupboards. Basically I get canned goods in my food box and shove them onto my shelves. I get more than I eat….month after month and year after year. I emptied out today’s box and filled it with cans. Our food bank boxes hold 32 cans stacked neatly, double decker. I filled and refilled that box many times. Then I covered a standard sized banquet table in the community room, 2 deep in cans 😮

It took me maybe 5 hours to get food off the shelves and take it to the community room on my power chair. I used my grabber reacher and the pasta stirrer to coax cans from the cupboards. Soooooo not easy! The top shelves are high. My arms shook and my muscles got weak. It was the exact same thing that happened when I was packing Rhett’s apartment in Florida and almost immediately went into MG crisis and got whisked off in an ambulance to the hospital. I did NOT want that to happen again! I took more Mestinon and rested in between trips.

I did more today than a few months worth of what I could do lately. My voice was clear and strong, my face wasn’t drooped, my eyes were open, my blood sugar was good, my breathing was great and I had strength to spare!!!!!!! Everybody who knows me asked if I got another dose of IVIg 🙂 Everybody was amazed! I was the most amazed person of all.

The guy with CIDP says that happens to him from time to time. I am incredibly blown away by all I did today. I feel a bit sore, but I also still feel pretty darn good!!! I can’t help but think….you people can be like this most of the time????????? Really?????? Is this what it feels like to be a regular human?

It’s after 5 and my feet feel better than ever 🙂 I am actually conscious of my feet touching the floor! What a difference!

I have no idea what happened….but I am just bursting with gratitude. Even if the goodness disappears by tomorrow, as fast as it appeared, it’s nice to remember what it’s like to NOT be miserable 🙂