They’re back! The night sweats from hell. There were only light night sweats the last couple of nights, then WHAM!!! I briefly woke up for a few seconds a bunch of times because I was soaked, the pillow was soaked, the bed was soaked…..YUCK! When I woke up sometime in the middle of the night to visit the bathroom, the entire house was enveloped in vinegar vapor. That’s why, even though temps are around 40, I have both windows wide open this morning.

When it got to be real morning, I woke up with my heart pounding. Stupid nightmares! It was one of those conglomerate dreams. Part of the time I was back where I grew up. People from my entire adult life were actors in the dream. And I was extremely anxious about Olive running away from my new RV that was parked in my old neighbor’s driveway. Again…..where does my brain dig all this stuff up???

My neck is swollen even more. It hurts to swallow. Both ears hurt….but in different ways. My blood sugar was 147 when I woke up 😦 I have been on the verge of barfing, kind of queasy the last couple of hours. I hate gastroparesis! I feel yucky. I am back to being a bundle of misery. I hurt everywhere. Sigh……

I don’t like living in a city….but I need the infrastructure. It’s scary to live downtown. Only a few blocks away are the big office buildings. If there was terrorism here, it would probably happen near the airport or university or big businesses. It’s scary enough to live amongst the drug dealers and substance abusers…..and even more frightening to think of what would happen during an attack or some sort of civil unrest. I don’t like cities very much. I need some way to get around, someplace to buy groceries, someplace to see docs, a nearby hospital, blah, blah, blah….

We are supposed to get a big snowstorm starting Sunday night. I need to go shopping before it hits. But of course food stamps come on Sunday, and I don’t shop on Sunday. That leaves today. I am hoping I will miraculously feel better at some point, so I can venture out for just enough to tide me over….like eggs, sausage and hash browns 🙂 And the good news is that Smith’s sent me a coupon for a free pound of sausage. Good timing.

Crap. I just remembered that we got notice of a quarterly resident/management meeting for 1:30 today. They are basically bitch sessions. It’s amazing what some people sit around and think about. If I were to bitch about druggies and alkies, I would be targeted for retribution, so real problems are rarely addressed. Joe kicked out a bunch of people…..who are still living here months later. He needs to grow a pair and be a manager. Too many people walk all over him.

Snow. Meetings. Crazy people. Politics. Health care. Can any of it be hidden from? I have some friends who are camping right now, where I did, Christmas 2010. I drove away from the Adirondacks and was dogged by snow and cold all the way to Florida. I pulled into Ocean Pond CG near Lake City on Christmas Eve. It was a beautiful, warm evening. Within hours, it was snowing. I high-tailed it to the Everglades and it was cold there, too. I want to run away from the world. I wish I knew where to go 🙂

Instead of running away, like a total idiot, I went to the apartment meeting. Few people showed up out of the 120 the manager says lives here. The crazy van woman is back 😦 She must have decided that being homeless with her lover isn’t much fun this time of year. She is back living with her pseudo husband. And the stomper came to the meeting! Her boyfriend was kicked out for brandishing a gun, but he’s still here and she acts like she still lives here. Creepy couples. Sordid, nasty stuff.

The whole meeting could have been put on a one page newsletter and we could have been encouraged to send comments to the manager by passenger pigeon :-p Instead, there was a talk about escaping (or not!) a fire. Lots of stupid stuff about what to put down toilets and garbage disposals (or not!) Then there was “forever” of people talking about Tidy Bowl vs bleach vs water. People gave numerous housecleaning tips 😮

One woman’s biggest complaint is that it costs $1.25 per evening to play Bingo. She says at the senior center, it’s only 25 cents per card. She was seriously upset. Apparently here you get 2 cards for the evening, popcorn, soda and prizes. I have never been to Bingo….and hope I never do! That discussion went on awhile, with the woman frowning like crazy.

A new resident was both angry and whining that there is no Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner served by management. The manager seemed to think that the monthly coffee get-togethers need to be more heavily attended….and the weekly movie nights…..and exercise classes that were tried once…..or any other thing that most people have no interest in. Pfffftttt….some of us don’t want to hear the inane chatter of small brains. It’s waaaaaaaaaaay more fun to eat our own food, sit in our own chairs and relax in our own apartments.

The whole 2 hours was boring and torture. I had a bazillion myoclonic jerks and my knees visibly swelled since I could not put my legs up. Several times I thought I was going to have to dash to the bathrrom….then I felt panic when I realized the doorway was packed several deep in people in wheelchairs and others standing. What a humongous waste of 2 hours of my life. All the way home I chanted Owah……Tofu…..Liam.  By the time the meeting was over, I felt too yucky to go shopping and darkness would be here before I could get home. Grrrrrrrrrrr……

For the first time in a long time, my right eye started twitching and the eyebrow and eyelid on that side drooped down. It’s hard to describe the MG eye zap… I took pics. The left eye is drooped more often than not.

Look at how swollen my neck and face is 😦 Also notice that the eye drooping doesn’t let all of my iris see the light. The world looks way different when I pry my eyes open. I decided to poke fingers into my cheek to show the swelling. And look at how swollen the back of my head is 😮 It sucks that my face has pitting edema 😦