My neck/face swelling is getting worse. I cannot hear very well out of the left side, it’s hard to swallow and it’s affecting my breathing. What’s weird is that I do not have a fever….just swelling. If the breathing and swallowing doesn’t get better, I am going to have to trek to the ER. And that means going to the hospital I hate 😦 Hmmmmm…..maybe I should try the other big hospital. It’s not in my network, but I can go to the ER there.

Some time after noon, the swelling inside my throat went down, so I could swallow and breathe OK again. That was scary! But….my blood sugar has been going into the 300’s….unprovoked by high carb foods. I cannot fight what I cannot understand. Must be time to see an endocrinologist…..or somebody. The swelling outside of my throat is still there.

Tired of weird neurological stuff all over my body. I thought neuropathy stayed in one place? Not for me. It’s just like my arthritis…..a moving target. My left pinky is back to being hot and swollen…..especially the top joint. Another one of those everything hurts days. Very tired of gut and hernia problems. Still looking for a way to run away from it all.

I keep thinking the longest I can stand living in an apartment is 3 years. Hard to breathe. It’s enough time to get to know people, then be disappointed in what I know. I think I like shallow relationships. Most of the time, once I know too much, the trust and respect is gone. Sigh…… Better to think kindly thoughts and split sooner rather than later.