Nasty smoke has been seeping into my apartment today. A building is on fire 7 blocks south of me. They now believe it to be a meth lab. Thick, black smoke was pouring out, and explosions could be heard. Lots of fire trucks went near here on their way. I used Google Earth to find pics of the building before the fire.

My neck is now even more swollen and painful. I wish I would quit being allergic to everything!

There was a knock on my door. Two folks who go to my same GP doc wanted me to know the clinic is being closed down. This is the doc with all the compassion and the clinic is a block from my house. Good thing I reconnected with my internist! I called and the office people weren’t answering their phone and their mailbox was full. My heart sank. I called back this afternoon and got a real person. He said there is some sort of contract dispute between the government and the Goshute Indian tribe. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! So far there is nothing I can find online or in the news about what’s going on 😦

I have been trying to find out how to get Thanksgiving food that is distributed to us po’ folk. A bag of turkey and trimmings give away is coming up on the 25th….but it’s a long trek there and back and a looooong wait in line. A guy from Crossroads told me to try the Salvation Army for a delivered meal. He gave me a woman’s name and phone number and told me to leave a message. Same deal. Her mailbox is full. I will keep trying to call.

It was a cloudy day. Around 11 AM we had less than 5 minutes of snow….when it was 41 degrees! When the clouds thinned out just before dark, I could finally see the lower mountains. They were gleaming brightly in new snow. It was pretty 🙂 Rain in the valleys, snow in the mountains is predicted the next couple of days.