UTA, the local transportation organization, is widely thought to be corrupt. This week the story broke about UTA board members traveling to Switzerland to represent UTA….without telling UTA. There are different slants on the story by the SL Trib and Deseret News. Sleazy. Eeew. One of the board members was interviwed on TV. His sliminess was palpable.

Weather forecasts change often, but right now the forecast for turkey give away day is rain and snow. No turkey is worth the trek and sitting out in that weather for hours 😦 With all of the excitement today, I never did remember to call back about the dinner delivery.


I don’t know what the heck is wrong with my eyes. They don’t look well. I wish it wasn’t so long until I get to see the eye doctor! It’s harder each day to focus my eyes and see through the double vision and blurriness.

And my neck swelling is not going away 😦 My voice doesn’t work. It kinda scared me….at one point, I looked up while talking….and my voice sounded normal. When I looked back down, I was wicked dizzy and my voice went back to being broken. This time, my broken voice is absolutely related to my swollen neck/throat. It never makes sense to me 😦

My counselor was supposed to let me know what time he was coming here today. He never answered my email. At 2:20-something, my phone rings and says it’s the door. It was my counselor! I was sitting here in my pink robe, with my hair sticking straight up….exactly like the bottom pic in my last post. I told him I needed to get dressed. In a couple of minutes, I was able to dress AND stick my head under the kitchen sink to make my hair more socially acceptable. Geeze! Twice in one day to throw on clothes with my heart pounding. I stayed short of breath for quite a while 😦 Something is just very not right with me. I feel awful. I have an itchy rash on my face and my eyes hurt. Sure hurts to swallow.

There is some good news! Just before lunch, my blood sugar was 95. An hour after supper, it was 123 🙂

Still pining away for a ride outta here! I am losing ground fast. No neuro, no GP, no IVIg. Sigh……