I was up in the middle of the night for meds, stayed awake an hour or two and went back to bed. I woke up sometime after 11 AM to the fire alarm going off and strobe lights in my apartment.

After that STUPID apartment meeting about emergency fire evacuation, virtually no one followed the rules. And…neither the manager or resident manager were here. Silly me, I thought a building-wide alarm would trigger an automatic call to the fire department. Nope. Now that I am calmer, I remember I had to call 911 last Christmas when my neighbor caught her apartment on fire with a candle. Someone finally called the fire department this time…..after we had been outside for awhile and no trucks came.

Look how many people came out of the building….and where they are standing. I nominate them for the Darwin Awards. At least they were part of the ones who bothered to go outside! If there was a fire or something blew up, they would be toast. Theoretically, there should be about 60 people waiting outside each of the 2 wings.

One of the owners of these buildings had to show up since no one else with authority was here to talk to firemen or turn off the alarms. There’s a barrel in front of the fire door. It has been there a long time and I have complained several times. I had to roll it out of the way to get out the door. Not easy when you are weak and in a wheelchair!!! I told her it needed to go somewhere else. People on their feet can squeeze by….but not my chair.

It was disorienting to wake up to an alarm. I grabbed Olive’s cat carrier, but could not find her anywhere. I was pulling on clothes while I looked for her. I looked out the window and saw a plumbing truck. They were my first suspect for the ones tripping the alarm. There is smoke in the air more often than not, so it’s hard to tell where it’s coming from.

I unlocked my windows in case I felt the need later to try to rescue Olive. I am afraid if it’s a real fire, there is no way I could locate her. After the alarms were off and I had been in the apartment for awhile, Olive still would not come out, even with the shaking of cat treats. When she did come out, I discovered she had been up in the lining of my chair. Sigh….

The scariest thing about coming back in was that I could hear my oxygen concentrator going 😮 If there had been a real fire, adding oxygen to it would have been awful. Because the alarm is so loud, I never heard the concentrator or thought to turn it off. Here’s what I looked like when I got back inside. Frazzled!!!! When I got outside, my heart was pounding so hard that it hurt and made me weak. Still hurts my chest 😦 It has been a crazy day!