I feel wicked sick today 😦 My guts are in tough shape. My eyes hurt. Fever and chills suck. Every inch of my skin hurts. My neck is painfully swollen…affecting swallowing and giving me ear aches. My head seriously feels like exploding. My vision is double and blurry so that every movement of me, or things around me, makes me feel like barfing.

I tried getting back in bed, but felt worse. I went out to get mail and was soooooooooo dizzy! And what the heck happened in my hallway this time? There’s a giant industrial fan in front of what I think is an empty apartment. It’s cold out there and smells musty.

And….I am a mental wreck. I am between wishing something will happen and being afraid if it does. My anxiety is creeping up. I want to make changes and I question my ability and strength to pull it off. Every day I work a little bit at weeding my stuff out. When I first got here, I could still cook. I have too many small appliances, too much kitchen stuff and too many cookbooks. There’s really no point in keeping what I will never use. It was all bought a couple of bucks at a time at Deseret Industries thrift store.

My biggest problem is strength and logistics. I don’t have the strength to handle everything, nor do I have the strength to donate it all back to DI by carting it over there. I want to be like Samantha in Bewitched…and just twitch my nose and watch it disappear. There must be people who would love this stuff, but I learned my lesson about trusting strangers. I hired some people to unload my RV in Florida and they stole a brand new marine battery, my Dutch oven and my generator. Luckily I caught them with the generator! When I gave away stuff on Craigslist in NY, some people were super nice. Some were shady and were caught pawing around in things they shouldn’t have been. I wish I knew someone to ask for help….someone with a working body and time to share.

I could not stand the tightly swollen back of my head another second! I have been massaging my head and neck each time I have a bit of strength. Why didn’t I go brutal before? I was gingerly rubbing….and now I am sticking my thumbs in the sore spots and going at them. Wow! After all these days, I must have encouraged the lymps to drain. But…..the lymphs at the bottom of my neck and in my chest and armpits are protesting. Must be the edema is moving to those spots. Hopefully it all moves into my blood stream and OUT!

You are 21866 days old.

Which is 3123 weeks and 5 days.

That’s 59 years and 316 days, including 15 leap days,
or 59 years, 45 weeks and 1 day.

In other words, that’s 718.4 months.
Therefore, you are 59.87 years old.

You were born on a Monday, your last birthday was a Friday
and your next one will be on a Saturday.