Yesterday I was in distress pretty bad. Today is much worse. I looked outside and saw the telltale color of the sky. I went and looked it up. Yup. It’s a temperature inversion. No wonder I feel like crap 😦 Particulates are in the yellow zone and carbon monoxide and nitrogen monoxide are high today.

What made me even worse is the air in this building. Last night I started to choke and went to see what was happening in the bathroom. The air was white! I think it was talcum powder. I hate the fan system!!!!!! Which reminds me. I have repeatedly asked the manager if there was some sort of fan that pulls air out of the exhaust fan pipes. I knew there was, because I could hear it when I first moved here. Then, when it stopped, my apartment would fill full of smoke. At that STUPID meeting 2 weekends ago, Joe admitted that the fans need replacing, there are 6 of them and they cost $250 each. I was livid! All of the non-smokers complain about the air quality in this building. Joe just snaps back that it’s written in our lease that we have no right to clean air. Soooo….many people here are on oxygen, have asthma, COPD, etc. We have all suffered pointlessly. I am royally pissed off. He is also penny wise and pound foolish. People like me have to leave their bathroom exhaust fans on 24/7. The increased electric bills must be significant. Utilities are included in the rent… it’s their loss. Grrrrrrrr……

I have been exchanging emails with my internist. It’s a study in futility. At first I asked him to remove “Fetal malnutrition, 2,500+ grams” as my diagnosis. Somebody did….and added “stasis edema”. Sounds correct, right??? Then I got 2 emails from a nurse saying they could not find “Fetal malnutrition, 2,500+ grams”. I told them it had been removed. My doc wrote and said he would fix it at my next appointment. Today, 2 weeks after my appointment, he wrote to say he wasn’t going to take “stasis edema” down because I have it in my legs and abdomen. I wanted to scream. Does anyone have decent reading comprehension? I wasn’t complaining about that! I don’t want it on my record that I am pregnant with a malnourished fetus!!!!!!! Duh! I am almost 60 and have had a complete hysterectomy. No wonder I have a hard time with docs….are any of them really listening or reading what I say?????

I wish they would quit putting up the same old SLC courthouse bomber video. That’s the one with the alarm identical to the one here. I quit breathing and listen intently each time….thinking it’s here. No other sound on the TV sounds like it’s coming from the hallway.

I need help. I wanted to do things around the apartment today and I am just too weak. I hate myasthenia gravis! My arms and lungs sting when I use them….and I try to use my lungs all the time! :-p

Eeeeek! I got some of my blood test results. I am in stage 2 kidney disease, my hemoglobin is too low and I have too much carbon dioxide in my blood. The CO2 is usually too high in MG because of breathing problems. I am sort of surprised that my white blood cells are creeping up again. I am just under highest normal. My normal seems to be a constant infection. I pretty much always am anemic. Sigh…..

Ohhhhhh, my gosh! This ear pain is unreal. I have moments when the pain is 10 of 10. The whole world stops when it gets bad. Eeew! Now I can feel fluid trickling down the inside of my ear. I hope something let loose and that particular torture is over. By the time the trickle went down my throat, it felt bigger 😮 Eeeewww times a hundred!

A couple of hours later I have realized I can now hear better and I feel better. The pressure is gone. Yes! 🙂 But….now my tongue is swollen and sore.