I woke up this morning with my rib area feeling paralyzed and in extreme pain. I just wanted to give up breathing. It hurt sooooooo bad! I have discovered if I sit very bent forward, the pain is lessened….but I am in distress. It’s making me cry. My MG is not doing well and it just crossed with poor air quality….again.

I went and looked at the air quality site. They finally changed the level to moderate risk to breathing. It sure hurts me 😦 The weather forecast is for mid 50’s today. I wish this was the day they were giving away turkeys. The forecast for tomorrow is not conducive to sitting around in a line outside. I had hoped the forecast would be improved. Nope.

At 9 AM, the snow on the tallest mountain stands out. The trees around the city are bronzes. But the inversion is keeping the yucky air here in the valley. The air quality actually improved as the day went on! At 5 PM, the sunset is yellow. The sky looks weird…but pretty.

Another do almost nothing day. Half of it was spent struggling to breathe and the other half running to the bathroom with gut distress. I went and got my mail for fun and excitement. I meant to go outside, but I forgot.

My chest hurts. My ribs hurt. My neck veins hurt. It’s hard for me to believe that most people breathe without even thinking about it. I am exhausted.