After all, it has been 908 days! Between the IV antibiotics, mupiricin ointment and the diflucan pills, the belly wound started healing faster. The middle has healed up. The top and bottom, where the most stress is put on my skin, is still ripping. It’s slowly but surely healing. Yes!!! It felt like that middle part was never going to join together. Now it’s thick and ropey where the two sides have joined in the middle.

I will never forget the day the nurse was told to take out some of the staples. She did, and the wound opened right up. She yelled and ran out of the room. Then she came back in and took out all the staples and the whole wound opened up. I am glad I could not see what was happening….but I was also glad that Heather was there taking pictures. This is after the second operation. They had to go back in and cut out infected tissue. The second cut was both lower down, and higher up.

I cringe every single time I see belly pictures….but I also use them as a pep talk. If I could live through that and heal, I must be pretty tough. It’s creepy that the surgeon wrecked my belly button, but it’s obviously possible to keep healing from the traumatic things done to my body thanks to both disease and by doctors. 908 days later, I am that much closer to being whole.

most healed

Look at all those skin puckers. This is what happens when you are sliced open and it has to heal the hard way. All that’s left to continue to mend together now is the very top and bottom of the vertical cut. To the right of the seam is the hernia. Lucky for me, it has not crept over to the left side. But every time I cough, sneeze or lift something too heavy, the top and bottom of the vertical cut rips some more. It tries to heal, then rip!

The extreme right, about where my elbow touches the side of my belly, is where my skin is ripping the most on the inside and making the hernia bigger. The same thing is happening in the middle seam, farthest up. My poor guts 😦 They have popped through the fascia and are just hanging out….vulnerable and uncomfortable.


I found an amusing picture from right after the second belly operation. Fletcher watched the nurses put the wound vac on me. It was connected to a machine on the floor with a hose, to suck out fluids. When we got back to my apartment, Heather vacuumed and sat down for a minute. Fletcher put the hose on her toe to make it all better. I was impressed that he made the leap from wound vac to floor vac…and both have hoses 🙂

One of these days, the wound will be healed and I will be able to go swimming again. I would love to do pool therapy. I can move better in the water. I desperately need to regain some of my strength without hurting other parts of me. Most everything I do makes me weaker….and dizzier. I think a lot of my dizziness is from double vision, but I am not sure about much at the moment. Just now I got wicked dizzy. I stuck my head under the faucet. I feel best when cool but not cold.

As usual, the weather forecast was wrong. It said precipitation was supposed to stop this morning. It was snowing heavier than ever this afternoon. Today we had our first real blanket of snow. It was in the 20’s overnight, so it mostly sticks.

Wrote that and fell asleep for 4 hours. Today was one of those days when time went agonizingly slow….and most everything on TV was stupid stuff…a.k.a sports and paid programming. I made some salmon corn chowder for lunch and got sleepy. I still feel numb and weak on my left side. Sometimes when trying to move around, I totally lose my balance. I think I have brain rot :-p My brain is just not all the way “there”.

I heated up more soup for supper. I am already sleepy. The weakness the last few days has zapped my strength. You know what’s weird? After the numbness and weakness happened to me, a couple other people with MG had similar bouts of symptoms. I get the WNV stubborn infections and the who knows what caused it stroke-like symptoms. Not sure what to blame for the low oxygen. I feel too weak and tired to breathe fully. I think it’s a combo of MG weakness and the hernia pushing up on my diaphragm. Hey…but my blood sugar has been back to normal! And the swelling in my throat has gone down, but not away. And my ear quit hurting 🙂 Now i need to ditch the chills, fever and vinegar nightsweats. Because it’s so cold out, and the windows aren’t open, the apartment always smells like vinegar. Yuck. It was the first thing I noticed when I came home from the ER.

Looks like it’s going to be a cold week. Heather’s birthday and an appointment with my counselor to look forward to.