What a weird day. Every few hours I was a different person. I woke up for more meds early. My eyes were so blurry that I could not even see myself in the mirror. After downing meds, I went right back to bed.

I felt better the next time, when I got up 4 hours later. Better, but not good. I had to rest a couple of hours before I had enough strength to shower. That and getting dressed left me very SOB. When I could breathe again, maybe an hour later, I vacuumed the floor. That’s when my eyes drooped shut. I took pics of me, but I just looked like my eyes were closed :-/

After noon I started feeling really weak from head to toes and my guts were churning. I realized I should probably eat something. No eggs, so I just had hash browns and sausage. An hour later and my blood sugar had only gone from 121 to 125. Then, of course….my guts hurt. Ugh.

I kept two windows wide open for 2 hours…and the temperature was 22 degrees outside. But, my apartment still smelled like vinegar from night sweats. I decided to do one of my old Vermont tricks. I had 2 petrified lemons, a hunk of shriveled ginger and a squishy apple in the crisper. I cut them up and put them in a pan with water, cinnamon and allspice, brought it to a boil and simmered. It worked 🙂 The place smelled good.

Just in time. My old home teacher and his new companion came to visit me. My voice was awful 😦 I gasped for air a lot. It was nice to have a visit and be cared about 🙂 It also wore me out something fierce.

I have had my eye on a particular wheelchair van. It’s no longer on the internet. So much for that hope. It’s like the rest of my day. Up, down, up, down, up…….crash!

I went back and read some emails that didn’t make sense to me last week. I actually understood them today. But….I went back to read them again and it was like reading Greek. See, I do have brain rot. Sigh…..

My probem has been focus. I need a specific goal to focus on. If I knew I for sure could somehow move away from Utah….and how, I could act accordingly. What if I get rid of most of what I own and I am stuck here? What if an opportunity shows up and I haven’t gotten rid of what I cannot take? Then, of course, I don’t have enough strength to sort through my stuff, anyways.

The harder I try to think, the fuzzier my brain gets. It’s a lot like the first time my eyes could no longer read fine print. I needed to use a map to know where I was driving, but no matter how hard I tried to focus my eyes, I could not see the names of roads or cities. That’s when I first started buying reading glasses. Soooo….what are the equivalent of reading glasses for the brain? I need them!

And….I should not have said my neck was better. Tonight it’s swollen tight and it hurts to swallow. The pain and swelling is creeping up to my ears. My jaws creek and crunch. The back of my head is puffed out swollen. Ah ha ha ha ha….on the TV program, somebody just said “but why me?” as I finished writing the above. Struck me as quite funny. Ohhhhhhh…..my poor head……