It feels like elephants are sitting on my chest. The air doesn’t look suspicious out my window, so I went and looked it up. Darn 😦  What I have never understood about this place….if they know the air will be getting worse, why isn’t compliance mantatory today???? I just love living in a Republican state where commerce always trumps people’s health….NOT!!!!!!!  Ooooooohhhhh….good commentary about Utah in the Deseret News.

And here we go again with extreme dizziness. I wanted to go buy some groceries, but when I tried to get dressed, it was all I could do to stand upright. I gave up the idea, sat down and rested. But it’s noon and I had neither eaten or shot up insulin. I did drink some coconut juice with my meds. Even a couple of hours after the juice, my blood suagar was 112. I was finally getting hungry. What I wanted to eat was eggs, but I still haven’t shopped for any.

Oh, my gosh……I was sooooooooo dizzy in the kitchen. I looked around for something to eat. There were some meatballs in the freezer. I had bought some Stokes green sauce with pork a few months ago on sale for 99 cents. I had a couple slices of cheese. Heated that in the microwave for brunch. I am trying to use up all the foods I have on hand. It was actually way tastier than I thought it would be 🙂

Bummer, though….it did not affect my dizziness. I am just plain dizzy. I am glad I decided not to go buy groceries. I am really out of it. If you only knew how many times I had to correct spelling and change sentences around so far :-p

Three hours later I was going bonkers from the extreme dizziness. I made myself a really big glass of chocolate milk. Half an hour later, I felt better. Could it have been dehydration? I am usually dehydrated.

The second I felt OK to leave the apartment, I went out to get my mail and went a third of a mile to Ocean City Seafood. It’s the closest real store….Family Dollar and 7-11 don’t count as real. I got 18 eggs, some bbq buns to steam and a bag of cabbage and pork dumplings. The eggs did not have a marked price and I audibly gasped when the price was $4.59. But when I got home, I figured out thats 25 1/2 cents per egg, which is actually cheaper than the 30 cents per egg at Trader Joe’s. I get jumbo at TJ’s, but these were XL. Worth it to go and be home in a few minutes. Now I have $2.23 in SNAP to last until the 15th. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, right.

I thought I was over my turkey yearning, then I looked at leftover ideas on FB. Stuffing waffles, made into turkey sandwiches, looked awfully yummy 🙂 Instead, I went down to the community room and got a bag of “soup bowls”….4 giant rolls. Last time I sliced each one into 4 layers and used like bread. I still have some meatballs and was thinking about a meatball sandwich some time. I could hollow out a bread bowl in the middle and fill it with meatballs and sauce.

Geeze! Lately places not all that far from here have been below zero at night. Brrrrrrrr….. last winter was great, with warm temps and very little snow 🙂 I liked it! Too bad the lack of storms only makes temperature inversions worse. Teens tonight here in SLC.