I fell asleep before the 10 PM news, so I did not see this story about Utah’s bad air causing heart attacks until this morning when I got up to take meds. “Last year there were 11 days above the 25 parts per million in the heart of Salt Lake City. The year before there were 34 such days.”

Besides the latest shooting in SF, we have plenty of our own news in Utah. I noticed a guy on the ground next door, against the DWS parking garage. He didn’t move for at least an hour. I went out next to him in my wheelchair. I could see no movement from breathing. The ground is still frozen. There’s still snow in front of my window, and temperatures are in the 30’s out there! I went and got the security guard. He got close, could not see breathing, and yelled. The guy jumped up, looking wild. I sped away! Other Utah news is that the state OK’d the manufacture of more gasoline in this valley. Whoever OK’d a place like that in a valley prone to inversions TO BEGIN WITH, even in 1908, was a moron!!! Of all the places to have a refinery!

Oh, great! Is it true? The black SUV has Utah plates. I sarcastically said something to myself about who it is, based on past behaviors. I sure as heck hope it’s no one I have ever met. I just don’t understand wanting to kill swaths of humanity….in any war or dispute.

Some weird smell is in the air. I cannot identify it. At first I thought it was the maintenance man who showed up at my door late today. But it lingers hours later. So…..here I have been waiting weeks for the repairs to my apartment….and all it took was a nudge yesterday! 🙂 Today the maintenance man fixed the toilet. Tomorrow he said he will replace the faucet. He is a very chill old dude. Says he maintains 3 buildings in some other city, but was asked to come here to help catch up. I saw him taking out a dishwasher or stove from the apartment the strange woman tried to burn down last Christmas. I am glad I saw him there first, or I would have felt uncomfortable letting him in.

My chest hurts sooooooo bad. That sickly sweet smell makes breathing even harder 😦 It’s like ammonia with sweetness. Whatever it is, it’s gross! And it made my neck swell up again. I am definitely on the wrong planet. Of course I am still having alternating fever and chills. When I get the chills, some of my muscles lock up and cramp something fierce. My head hurts, too. And beginning tonight, it hurts to pee. Dang it! I am now thinking the ammonia smell is coming from ME. I really noticed it when I burped….and now I have a funny taste in my mouth. I don’t think anything like this has ever happened to me before?