Saturday afternoon, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. Our high temp made it up to 53. It felt like a heat wave 🙂 After enough trips to the bathroom, I thought it might be safe to go out and about.

I had some really good Smith’s coupons to use, so braved it. Yes! I got a free pound of sausage, a free bottle of passion fruit juice, free Hebrew National Franks and a free bag of airhead bites. And….I got 2 boxes of fresh blackberries for $1.25 each. Those are from paper coupons that Smith’s sends out every so often, plus the Free Friday Downloads that I had added to my store card.

Then I went over to Trader Joe’s. There was a tent ouside and I got a cup of clam chowder and one of spiced cider. Mmmmm….  Inside was a madhouse. The last time I saw that many people in there was for the grand opening. The sign at the inside tasting station said it was chocolate babka, but when I picked it up, it was more clam chowder 🙂 I bought 3 things…hashbrowns, stir fry veggies and 2 bananas. Only 10 more days until the next SNAP day. Two thirds of the month down, one third to go.

My left eye has been a problem ever since I got WNV. That’s the one that drips more, droops more, hurts more and the vision is fuzzy. Saturday night I could barely see, so I finally went to bed.

Got up early Sunday because my guts hurt so bad. They have been a major source of discomfort today. Lots of extremely urgent trips to the porcelain throne. Yup….not feeling too good. You would think a very quick grocery expedition wouldn’t affect me much. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I might as well have run a marathon. Everything hurts today. I feel terrible, horrible, very bad.

I know why I am fat when I read Kathleen’s comment on yesterday’s post. I could never eat that little. After mulling over her skimpy menu, I was reading an RV blog. This food pic jumped out and bit me. Looks like ribs, but still, that’s a lot of yummy meat. The people were all skinny. That’s because they could afford to eat good stuff. In real life, someone like me would eat a quarter of that much meat and three times that much potato….and that would be a blow-out celebration meal.

Before noon, I was wiped out tired and went back to bed. As I was lying on my back, my abdomen felt like it had been kicked. I was sore from all the episodes of diarrhea. I rolled over. OMG!!!!!! An abdominal muscle on the left side ripped. I think I fell asleep moments later, despite the pain. Woke up after a 4 hour nap and at the moment of consciousness, the pain came flooding back 😦 It was difficult and majorly painful to stand up. Now I am sitting in my chair, bent over and rocking back and forth. This hurts bad 😦 I just discovered that blowing my nose is an intensely painful task. I can only do it by leaning as far forward as possible, to squish up my abdominal muscles, and keep from using them. And sneezing is scream worthy!