Last night the abdominal pain was intense. I finally went back to bed. I massaged my abdomen and pushed my intestines back in. When I pushed in the newly popped out left side….instant relief! The next time I woke up and visited the bathroom, I passed a record amount of gas. My guts must have been twisted or blocked when it was at the apex of painfulness. The creepy part is that gas came out of more than the usual spot. I mentally took note, but really only cared that I felt better. Slept a few more hours.

Once I sat in my chair, the pain was again on the verge of unbearable. I pushed on the lower lump where something snapped yesterday and again pushed in the newly popped out intestines above my belly button on the left side. The pain faded away. I got hungry and ate brunch. The pain came back 😮 I repeated the pushing and gas passing. I went back to bed.

I vaguely remember hearing a maintenance man come in. I figured he was here to either fix the faucet or the heater…and promptly fell back asleep. I woke up a couple hours later when the power went out. My oxygen concentrator was screaming and I could not breathe with the mask on. The power came back on and I fell right back to sleep.

I think I woke up for real a few minutes later. When I turned off the o2 concentrator and CPAP, the oxygen machine was already off. No wonder I really woke up! That’s when I realized it was awfully dang hot in here. I went to bed with the heat turned off and woke up with it switched on. Same old leaky faucet in the kitchen sink, so I know what they “fixed”.

I hope they did more than flip the thermostat switch. This morning, I realized I was cold, got up from my chair to feel the air coming out of the vent and discovered why. It was blowing cold air again. It did that for more than an hour, then started making dozens of clicking noises. Soon, heat came out again. The heater has been intermittently working for a few days now. Kind of like my guts :-/

Another thing I realized when I woke up is that my female parts are on fire, and when I pee, that is on fire, too. That must mean the fistulas have broken through again. When I felt gas coming out of the wrong places, I should have known 😦 I was in so much pain from my intestines blowing up, my guts are all I could think of and care about. It also makes sense why I was bleeding vaginally again.


I am thinking it was a bad call for surgeons to decide against fixing the hernia, holes in intestines and the connecting fistulas. When my hernia was still small, like soon after the above pic, I still had a chance. Now most of my intestines are hanging out 😦


Looking from the top down, you can see the lump is biggest on my right.


The left side is easily squished down. That’s my hand on the left. The right side will not reduce. It’s all intestines….but made worse by bloat.


The skin stretching is more intense than being pregnant. Lots of stretch marks where the hernia is worst.


The left side with few stretch marks only sticks out that far because the right side (to your left looking at the pic) pulls out the skin. The newest popping through is about midline of the bottom of my shirt. The intestines and bloat have crept across to the side that did not have herniated intestines until now.


The good news is that for the first time in 916 days, the top of my belly incision has healed shut!!!!! The bottom of the incision still has a ways to go. My belly is so swollen today that I could not even move the hernia out of the way enough to take a pic. It’s not easy to show my hernia in pictures….but you get the idea.

And so much for the good air. Yucky again. Sigh…..but a storm is coming our way. It’s storms that scour out pollution from the valley. Our forecast for the week is interesting.

Olive says goodnight.