The sky was full of cool clouds last night. Look hard at the clouds in yesterday’s pics. On the TV weather, they gave the clouds a name.  “Undulatus asperatus” — aka “agitated waves“. When I took the pictures, I was thinking of a painting by Van Gogh. Turns out, that’s undulatus asperatus!

As I am writing Thursday afternoon, we are in the middle of a dust storm.

This time it’s not pollution, it’s a dust storm, followed by a cold front. I had the window open and dust was blowing in. After a few hours, like flipping a switch, the wind stopped. Instantly it felt colder and damper. Tuesday the high was 62, yesterday 61 and today 60. It’s supposed to start raining pretty soon….then snow tonight. Our weather has been all over the place!

Dang. Somebody flipped the switch again. Now the sky is black and the wind is gusty. Some nearby mountains are getting 80+ mph winds.

The resident Jehovah’s Witness brought me a Watchtower and some gossip. This place is way more messed up than I ever imagined. The Stomper’s boyfriend got kicked out of here….but he is still here months later, and so is she….but they are not together. Now bits and pieces of things I have heard make more sense. I kept hearing about some black guy here threatening to shoot his downstairs neighbor. Turns out The Stomper has switched from the old cripple to the younger black guy. And she is stomping on the floor all hours of the day and night. The guy downstairs is going through what I did. He constantly gets woken up and is frazzled. He told The Stomper to knock it off. The black guy threatened to shoot him for dissing his girlfriend. That’s the short version. 

Then there are the bed bugs. Some people keep adding to the bed bug collection and some share with their neighbors. Some people live like pigs AND have bed bugs. A few get kicked out for it, while the main perpetrators are still here. I am sure there must be more to all the stories flying around. What I don’t understand are the wishy washy managerial decisions. If people refuse to move, little seems to be done to push them out the door.

I asked the manager today about my heater. He said the guy who came in while I was sleeping took a sensor out and cleaned it. I told him it’s still intermittently blowing cold air and will heat after making lots of clicking noises. He said he will come look at it himself.

My window is covered with wind-driven rain and the temperature has dropped into the 30’s. Brrrrrr……