I woke up in tons of pain. Of course I went to bed the same way. All day Sunday, my mouth got sorer. I woke up and took pics. These came out the best. My tongue has more outlined sores.


There are white bumps and red bumps on the inside of my cheek. My whole cheek hurts…not just the spots.


Besides pain, the first thing I noticed when I woke up was the color out my window. The sky is a bright yellowy pink and everything is covered in snow. It was still 44 degrees at 10 PM and it’s only 32 at 4 AM.

I was rudely awoken when the power went off. When I got up for real this morning, the snow was pretty deep. It was like Syracuse, NY snow…..very heavy and wet. Nobody showed up to shovel the walks or plow the parking lot, so the manager and resident assistant went out with a Honda snow blower and a shovel. The heavy wet snow got blown into my windows with gigantic SPLATS, so I could no longer see out.

I turned the heat on for the first time today around 9 or 10 AM, soon after a few passes with the snowblower had hit. Ohhhh myyyy gossssssh!!!!! It felt like there was a jackhammer in here! The floors were vibrating and the noise was deafening. I was confused. Was it a plow? Nope, it was my heater! 😮 I quick turned the heat off. When the manager was done outside, I gave him the bad news…..and got permission to have grocery carts in my apartment.

I have been trying to pare down what I own. Today I gave away cookbooks. I made a deal with some neighbors. I would give them first dibs on everything if they would wheel the leftovers to the thrift store. Good deal for both of us. As I was filling carts, the manager came in. He turned on my heater and it was quiet! As I was smacking my head, it started sounding like a jackhammer. He said that maybe the snow he blew into my window and heater air intakes was what did it. And he left.

It’s interesting to note that my kitchen is exactly the width of 2 shopping carts. And all of the kitchen floor, but where the dishwasher is…is exactly the length of a cart. Hmmmmmm……

Tonight, there was a knock on my door and it was the RA, with a heater. I am touched. They care 🙂 The low tonight is forecast to be 25 degrees. Everybody here agrees we got a foot of snow today, yet the official measurement was 6.6 inches last time I looked. Even at 6.6″, it broke records. It has also wreaked havoc in the city and on the interstates. The parking lot here is a disaster area. Nobody knows how to plow in the city. All the cars were plowed in with huge heaps of snow up against them….that is now going to freeze solid overnight.

People are not amused that school was not closed today. Some buses slid off the road. Lots of employees all over the valley were sent home from work early. Some folks were without power longer than others, thousands still don’t have power. This time, we got more snow in the valley than there is at the tops of mountains. The ski areas feel cheated.

It has now been snowing twenty-something hours straight, with no slow-down expected until some time Tuesday. The weather warning says “Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until 9 PM MST Tuesday. Hazardous winter driving conditions can be expected across the entire Wasatch front area today through the Tuesday evening commute.”

Ugh. I sat in a chair while going through books. I did a little at a time and rested a lot. I had the cart pulled up right tight to me, so only had to move the books a few feet. Every joint and muscle in my body is on high pain alert tonight. My eyes drooped shut, my voice got even worse and apparently my face looked like it was trying to slide off. My neighbors said they had never seen me look so awful :-p That’s because on bad days, I don’t go out in public! It was darn hard to breathe all day. After being hot and sweaty from trying to sort books, I got cold with no heat. I became like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz after it rained and he rusted.

Screenshot 2015-12-14 at 8.13.43 PM

People in wheelchairs are out of luck. We can’t get there from here….no matter where “there” is.