My first adventure of the day was to take out garbage and recycling. My chair got stuck in the icy snow. I had on Birkenstocks. Had to stand up and push the chair out. Dang, that hurt! 😦 Cold on the toes, too.


Snow on the front bench.

To get to the parking lot, I had to blast through the snowpile at the end of the sidewalk. A lot of good it did me. Impassable by wheelchair on the public sidewalks.

So….I cannot go down the road next to the parking garage, I cannot go around the building where the smoking area is and I cannot use the sidewalks on my street. That means I cannot buy groceries. Today is SNAP day. Bummer.

People with cars aren’t a whole lot better off. I watched the very pregnant health aide plow the front end of her car into a snow bank. The whole vehicle is at an angle, with the right front end embedded way up in the snow. She cannot get out.

Most old people here are not strong enough to shovel out their own vehicles. That snow is very, very dense. Early this morning, from my bedroom window, it was obvious there was more than a foot of snow on the roofs of vehicles. The dopey snow plow guy does not plow the empty parking lot spaces.

The TV news is full of broken trees. I feel sorry for the trees. I went out and took tree pics during a lull in the storm. Then it started snowing again. The forecast says the snow will finally stop around 6 PM.

A big deal maintenance man who does all the buildings in SLC came to my apartment. He said he was the one who was here when I was sleeping last week. He says my heater/AC unit needs a new motor, so he will order one. When he turned it on, it was like being in the room with a jet engine revving up. I like the oil filled heater much better 🙂 I told him I am in no hurry for the fix….as I love the replacement! If I were going to live here any lonnger, I think I would buy one of these. Soooooooo much better than stupid forced air heat. I am spoiled from years of woodstove heat.

No couch, hardly any books left, different book shelf there. It’s starting to echo in here.