Being hungry is a great reason to go shopping. No eggs, fruits, veggies or milk is in this apartment…except for some canned things. I wanted to eat breakfast, but everything I want to eat needs an egg or 2. I wonder if enough sidewalks are clear to get to TRAX today? Or even just over to the Asian market?

I got all excited an hour ago. It wasn’t snowing and the hour by hour forecast said no snow until noon. We are supposed to get 3 more inches of snow, so I thought I had a 4 hour window of opportunity. Almost instantly it started snowing. It’s 7:50 AM as I type this. The maintenance man is supposed to be here any minute. It’s snowing harder and harder. Ack! Can I escape before it’s too late?

I got ready and left. Passed the maintenance man in the hallway. I got stuck multiple times on the way to Trader Joe’s. Pretty much no one did ALL of their sidewalks. Most of my problems were from snow plow drivers leaving swaths of snow in driveways. The Leonardo museum was guilty of that. Key Bank did a very crappy job of snow removal and Baskin-Robbins did not even bother to try. Each time I got stuck, I had to unbuckle, get up and push the 400+ pound chair while standing on snow and ice.

By the time I got to the store, I was a wreck….very weak, dizzy, short of breath and tremoring. I wandered around Smith’s and nothing looked good to me. I got a gallon of milk and a $1 tub of cottage cheese. On my way out, I saw the stupidest sidewalk yet. The one that goes from the grocery store to the road was perfectly clean and cleared….except for each end where snow was piled deep, making it totally unusable. Geeze. Then I had to go up the road instead of the sidewalk to Trader Joe’s, because that had huge chunks of snow and ice in the way. That irritated a woman who could not pass me. Tough. It was less than 2 minutes out of her life.

I was sooooooooo confused once I got to TJ’s. Whenever I get that weak, it’s as if my brain shuts off. I had a grocery list in hand, but it might as well have been written in Chinese. I had to go up and down the same aisles many times to find what I was looking for. I spent $85.81 of my $91 that’s supposed to last until January 15th, just at Trader Joe’s. It doesn’t buy much. I took TRAX back to my street and went home on the other side of the street. I did not get stuck ๐Ÿ™‚ I felt very bad for the trees at city hall. Most had broken branches. There were crews piling branches and feeding them into a wood chipper.

The front door of my building was wide open. Out front was a flatbed full of washers and dryers. It is company switching day. We ditched Mac-Gray and got some other company to provide the guts of the laundry room. Then I got into the lobby and saw the outside doors to the community room wide open. Brrrrrrr….no wonder the lobby and hallways were freezing. It was in the 20’s outside. The Food Bank truck showed up at the same time as the washer/dryer trucks.

As I was talking to my friend in the middle of it all, saying I wanted to go home and see if there was heat yet. I turned my head…and there was the maintenance man, coming towards us from my apartment. He worked on the heater more than 2 hours. He showed me the fan he took out. Nasty!!! No wonder it didn’t work. He came back to my apartment with me and demonstrated how s l o w the newly refurbished heating unit now works with a new fan. There are minutes between turning on the thermostat and heat coming out, but it works. I am not giving back the oil filled heater. They will have to come get it :-p

I put away food and rested. Then I figured it was time to pick up my food box. It was all I could do not to cry when I opened it. On TV there are countless food drives and turkey give-aways shown after the fact. Who gets all the good stuff??? Who do they know??? It’s like last month, even worse. Stupid holidays! When I first moved here, these boxes were filled 2 deep. Before I moved here they got fresh fruits and veggies and real meats and cheese! I think the Food Bank is a boondoggle. Someone else is getting the boon and I am getting the doggle.

Just now I went out to get my mail. All I got was grocery flyers. Way to rub salt in the wound. This is the third day that I have been out near the lobby when people fell to the floor. The fake wood planking is wicked slippery when wet. The first day it was The Stomper’s ex. He fell hard and hit his head twice. The next day was somebody I don’t know and just now it was the nice, new guy who lives in my hallway. He tried and tried to get up and finally crawled back to his apartment on his knees ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Two apartments away from me, is a new crazy woman. She has white hair with random blue that must be spray painted on. She is very, very scary! She yells at everybody. She can be talking normal and then starts screaming. She has also filled the hall with crap. People are not allowed to put stuff in the hallway. It’s a lease violation, fire hazard and safety issue. I took this pic yesterday. Today the Indian thing is off the door and there is a big metal box of crayons, a pile of paper, a broom, dustpan and at least twice that many Christmas decorations. Sometimes her junk falls over and blocks my way in the hallway. The dead grass is losing all its fluff…all over the carpet. Yesterday I watched her go by the RA’s door to scream obscenities over and over. Today she wanted to come in my apartment ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I managed to keep her out.

The manager is gone today. Somebody in his family died ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The loonies get loonier with no one around to supervise.

What an exciting day, huh? I am ready for something pleasant to happen ๐Ÿ™‚