Oh, my gosh. Things just keep getting worse. The crazy woman threatened people who live here and people who work here, the RA and manager and the non-profit housing corporation. She said she used to work for the justice court and that she was related to important people…..and everyone would be sorry. I locked my door and closed my blinds.

Then, during Survivor, an alarm went off. It was the emergency door closest to my apartment. Earlier today, the crazy woman had complained that there was only one way to get in and out of here. So tonight….she opened the emergency door TWICE.

The second time the alarm went off, I was about 3 feet from my door. I went over and glued my eye to the peephole. Of course my body was up against the door to hold myself up while looking. There were some tremendous booms and the whole door moved. I honestly thought it was a bomb or a gun. Then the crazy woman stomped past my door. She looked like she wanted to kill someone. She must have slammed the door and who knows what else?

The only thing that calmed me down was that Survivor was on and I wanted to see it. Good thing I had something besides the crazy lady to fixate on. I am too scared to even stick my head out into the hallway tonight.

Sincerely…..I want to move far, far away from here for oh, so many reasons!