This morning, while it was still dark, I got up, got ready and went out to the lobby. I was extremely grateful when the 2 apartment cleaning people soon showed up. I was scared to be alone in the lobby. At 7 AM, the Paratransit bus showed up. The ride was fun šŸ™‚ I haven’t been on Paratransit in a long time. I knew I would need a ride that early because sidewalks would not be cleared yet. I got to see Trolley Square all lit up. I hardly ever go out at night this time of year.

I was way too early for my eye appointment, so went to the main hospital to use the nice big handicap stall in the bathroom. Then I sat in the cafeteria and watched people until it was time to go get checked in.

As I guessed, it was an awkward appointment. The technician was nice. She said I was booked into a regular opthalmology room and not neuro-opthalmology, so she did not know how they would do an exam on me. She clearly thought I have myasthenia gravis. The doc asked her to do a Schirmer’s test. My left eye was better than before, my right was the same. Before they were a 5 and 2. This time an 8 and 2. I suspect that’s because it was morning. My left eye drips all morning.

Without examining me or talking to me, the doc came in and said all my symptoms can be explained by dry eyes. I found it amusing that he would not look me in the eye while saying that. My left eye is the droopy one….and the least dry :-p Without telling me much of anything, he said I needed punctal plugs and Restasis. I reminded him that the rims of my eyes turned very red with Restasis and he thought I had an allergy to it. He left, a technician came in to add more numbing drops and the doc came back and added plugs. He never checked my eyes.

I looked on my electronic medical chart and see he has diagnosed me with stuff he never said a word about. How can I have those eye problems if he never looked at anything but the Schirmer’s test? Every doc has said I have no diabetic damage. Speaking of diabetes. My blood sugar was 91 before supper tonight šŸ™‚

Reason for Visit:

Blurred Vision


Dry mouth and eyes
Diabetes with neurologic complications
Senile Incipient Cataract Of Both Eyes

And here’s what he did….


I copied all that right from the hospital’s patient portal website. I looked at the links put in for diagnosis. I never said I have dry mouth and he never examined my eyes!!!! I guess he had to say something since I “no longer” have myasthenia gravis. He told me he would do a full neuro-opthalmologist work-up in 6 months. Ha ha ha ha, sure…..

I really need to get out of here!!!!!! I need decent medical care and better housing.

I came through the front door and guess what person I saw first? The crazy woman was leaning against a wall…only I was not sure it was her. There was no blue in her hair…and her face looked very, very different. Then I heard her voice and was sure. She called someone on the house phone and hung up on them. I fled to my apartment.

The RA knocked on my door. I told her I had looked out the peephole and that I am scared of the crazy woman. I also said I felt my whole apartment shake. It’s worse than I thought šŸ˜¦ The crazy woman pushed the RA into the stupid barrel that I have been trying to get management to move. I hope now that an assault has happened, that the creep will be kicked out ASAP.

The RA said the crazy woman has been trying door handles. I told her that since yesterday, that my door handle has been loose. I had mentioned it to the maintenance man who fixed my heater. All of the sudden, the key turns the round, middle part of the lock around and the whole handle is coming off. Just great šŸ˜¦ The RA could only say that corporate is now involved.


The reason the RA came to my door was to let in the bed bug inspector and pest control spray guys. I must have passed. Olive was not amused to be rousted from her spot on the bed. She came out from under my chair half an hour later. Now she is above the fridge on top of the cupboards.


Now that there is no couch, Olive has been moving around to all her favorite spots.




When I went out to get my mail, my favorite old guy, who helps run Bingo…said the crazy woman has been disrupting Bingo by loudly swearing at people and picking fights. I heard a whole lot more about her erratic behavior from people in the lobby.

The worst and saddest thing I learned today is that the manager’s daughter passed away. She had a young daughter šŸ˜¦ I don’t know anything else. There’s a sign on the office that says he will be gone indefinitely.

I hope things calm down around here.