I never felt well today….always either chills or too hot. I am sure the shopping and doc appointment this week, along with stress has done me in. I have been wicked bad short of breath and weak. My neck, jaw and near my ears is swollen. My left eye was red near where the opthalmologist put in the punctal plug. I hope it’s just from the 3 tries and not because I am allergic. So far my eyes neither feel better or worse after having my tears dammed up. I cannot tell any difference.


Friday red eye

I could hear the crazy woman’s door slamming many times, but I mostly hid in my apartment.

In the afternoon, I went out to get my mail. Nothing there. Then I kept going and went to the Asian market on the next block. I wanted some bbq pork buns for the freezer 🙂 I also got a bag of bok choy for $1.64. I decided I should make rice cooker rice on the bottom and steamed veggies on top more often. Now all I need is hunger and strength at the same time.

I was pretty darn stressed out about the swaths of unshoveled sidewalk and NO intersections shoveled to cross streets. I got stuck a few times and did 360’s a couple of times just in one block. Let’s just say that Enterprise Rent-A-Car SUCKS!!!!!!! Then I gave up and went right into State Street with my wheelchair 😮 Good way to get killed. Sigh…. My voice doesn’t work or I would have called Enterprise and told them what I think of them. I don’t believe they shoveled at all this week.

On the news tonight was a story about a street drug called “Flakka” or gravel. Apparently that’s what the guy near my bedroom window was on. He did the exact same things that they showed on TV. It gives them super human strength. The manager said cops around here didn’t know how to deal with it yet. Scary stuff!

I need my headache to take a hike. I wonder if the effects of West Nile Virus will ever go away?