The home teachers brought me a poinsettia and a bag of goodies and a card! 🙂 I got a mug with a packet of hot chocolate, peanut brittle, foot cream and a giant file. Interesting.

I always talk too much. And it’s sooooo physically hard to talk! But I just cannot shut up. I have to take big breaths every few words, to have enough air to push the words out. I am crazy! But it’s fun to talk. I don’t get many chances to yak away.

I really don’t feel well today. My guts are not working. The hernia is humongous. Ugh. And my eyes are still messed up. The tear ducts on both sides are swollen. The right eye is merely pinker than usual. The left eye is more solidly red. It’s worrisome that my left eye is so itchy. My eyes still feel rough, despite using soothing gel from the opthalmologist.


Someone on my Sjogren’s group pointed out on yesterday’s eye pic, that there is a gray band around my eye. It could either be from the autoimmune diseases I have, old age or cholesterol. Take your pic. I suppose it would be a miracle if I did not have them.

Our high was 53 degrees today. Snow and rain is in the forecast the next 6 out of 7 days. Looks like it’s going to be gloomy and sloppy, starting tonight. Here’s the 3 PM pic.

My tongue still hurts 😦 My head still hurts a lot! Sigh…. Some neighbors stopped by. We all agreed that just before a storm, EVERYTHING hurts!