I am hungry, but absolutely nothing looks appetizing. I feel like that more often than not. Part of the problem is that my back hurts too much to stand up and cook. Part is because the gastroparesis makes me perpetually queasy.

I got this link in a myasthenia gravis newsletter. Yes 😦 Many people I have talked to have been in wheelchair accidents with cars while in intersections. It’s as if we become invisible when in a wheelchair…..no matter if we are flying a reflective flag and sporting blinking lights. I have almost been hit dozens of times.

An investigation by researchers at the Georgetown University in Washington, DC into how often wheelchair users are killed in car-pedestrian crashes found that they are a third more likely to die than non-wheelchair users.  More than half of those deaths occur at intersections.  Researchers also found that men who use wheelchairs are five times more likely than women to die in pedestrian crashes. The researchers report their findings in BMJ Open.  

Now that West Nile Virus has been added to the mix, it’s harder and harder for me to figure out which medical problem is flaring. I think WNV makes each of them worse and more unpredictable. My guess is that the MCTD is on a rampage right now. More of my lupus and arthritis symptoms are acting out, my hands are swollen, my joints hurt, and pretty much everything hurts….skin, joints, whole bones, muscles….you name it. And the %^&@*!!!!! fevers! My butterfly rash is rosy red….and hot.

I have some good news….maybe. My favorite GP doc a block away has opened up the practice again. I have tried calling a few times, but no one answered. I am hoping that he will still take my kind of insurance. I really need to see a doc one of these days.

It has been snowing all day here in the valley. These were the snow totals hours ago in the mountains. Wow.

I can tell it’s Christmas by how many Fed-Ex, UPS, On-Trac and other delivery trucks I see every few minutes. At one point, when I looked up, 2 Fed-Ex trucks were passing each other….one coming in, one leaving. Those poor guys must be tired!

As for my life? It’s not very exciting. I seem to waste most hours in tons of pain. I cannot believe how bad my hand arthritis hurts today 😦 I guess this weather intensifies joint pain. And why is my voice so broken? I tried to talk today. There’s not enough air in the whole world for me to talk. I was wicked bad SOB from just a few words. Good thing Olive doesn’t care. I hate it when the weather and my ailments gang up on me. Somebody turned gravity up and put my body in a vise.