The salt lamps soothe me

I got in bed for an hour and a half last night. I was re-watching the last Survivor. At one point, I rolled over and by the window saw bicycle handlebars. It scared me! Why was there a bicycle in my bedroom? Then I realized it was my walker….in the exact same place I park it every night. In quick succession, there were a few other weird misperceptions. What’s up with my brain??? Is this what senility is like? I feel bad for my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Did they know they were losing their marbles? How did it make them feel? My mother’s second husband had Sundowners. I can relate 😦

When I first got up, my knee felt like it had been burned. That’s a new one. It was on the skin, but went deep into the knee joint. Then when I sat in my chair, breathing was horrid. This time it was a sword like pain between the center of my chest and the right shoulder. I just wanted to quit breathing then and there. It hit me….when my heater quit working, I could see mold all over in there again. Then the maintenance man took the whole unit out and put it in again….further disturbing the mold. I think many of my current physical problems are because of the mold 😦 It has been building for 2 or 3 months!

Wow! At 6 AM there was no snow. By 7 AM it was a blizzard. I could not see any of the nearby buildings, but I could still see their lights. Flakes were humongous. Snow was blowing almost horizontally and trees were bending in the wind. That was one heck of a storm front.

About 8:30, I made 2 eggs, onion, zucchini, mushrooms and chese for breakfast. When I put the first forkful in my mouth, my tongue and the entire lining of my mouth was on FIRE! My throat closed shut and the inside of my mouth felt rough. Whoa….that was scary! It was a bit later that I put together my knee on fire, my mouth on fire and my lung distress. Duh! Mold always makes my autoimmune diseases worse. This happened last time. And I bet that’s what’s causing my tongue to be swollen and have those white lines 😦

And, as if I don’t have a zillion reasons for wanting to move away from here….yesterday I kept hearing noises outside my door, but I could not figure out what was going on. To my left, I saw some metal at the end of my hall. I found 2 grocery carts full of random crap….smack dab in front of the emergency door….that is already blocked by the barrel of beer cans 😦 I went and got the RA. The crazy woman is being a PITA. This morning I stuck my head out my door and the crazy woman has some of that junk set up outside of her door…a topless table, a folded chair and even more messy crap. All of these things are lease violations. Why is she still here?????? Assault wasn’t enough?

I am in tough enough mental and physical shape without all this apartment madness 😦 I found blog posts back when I got sick from the mold last time. It never ocurred to me this time that I was having the exact same symptoms. Ooooooohhhhhhhh……I am pissed off!!!!!! Swollen neck, swollen tongue, eye problems, lung problems….the whole gammut, it happened to me August 2014 when my A/C-heater unit broke last time 😦

As long as I am on a roll, I had hoped to make it to the Christmas dinner fixings give-away this morning. I knew all along that my chances were slim because of the weather forecast. Since the snow hit during the morning commute and is now at least a couple of inches deep, there’s no way I can go anywhere on the unshoveled sidewalks or get across intersections where snowplows have blocked every sidewalk. Bummer 😦 There are only 2 eggs left. I need another dozen to make it through Christmas. Dang it! It’s 32 degrees right now. The high is supposed to be 33. Not warm enough to melt much. Now that it’s too late for the give-away, the sky is getting bluer. Figures….but I still could not get there from here in my chair.

At quarter to 1, I was coming back to my living room chair and saw snow sliding off cars in the parking lot. I quick got ready and zoomed over to Trader Joe’s. I had to go around some people’s sidewalks by going in the road, but I made it without spinning out or getting stuck 🙂 But geeze….it was a lot colder out there than it looked. Wind chill made it 20’s. TJ’s was packed to the gills. By the time I got in line, the crowds thinned. Must have been the lunch break bunch. Lots of families, too.

I agonized over each item of food that I bought. I had thought about buying a prepackaged turkey dinner, a TJ’s turkey pot pie or even some fresh turkey tenders. I just could not bring myself to spend the money for those pricey options. I got eggs and onions, 2 bananas, 4 avocados and my big splurge was cocoa truffles. That came to $12.40 total. I took TRAX home. The wind was brutal.

3 blocks from home, I bumped into Gordon. He told me about free food in the church parking lot tomorrow. I wonder if it will be anything good? Last time I heard it was lettuce and bananas….by the pallet full. He thought there would be meat this time. Google maps says it’s 6/10ths of a mile. That’s closer than Food Not Bombs. I should be able to go there in the road if I take my flag and lights. We will see.

When I got home, I went to talk to the Resident Assisstant. I asked if the crazy woman had been evicted. The RA said she was not able to answer that. Then she said to ask her the question again. I was confused. While saying she could not tell me, she was vigorously shaking her head up and down 🙂 I wanted to let her know that my apartment was full of smoke because the crazy woman was leaving her door open. I noticed an unpleasant smell, but it was overpowered by cig smoke. The RA says the crazy woman has an apartment full of rotting food. Whoa! This woman gets crazier every single day 😦 As I was going down the hall, I could see my across the hall neighbor looking disbelievingly at the newest pile of crap outide the weirdo’s door. I said some tenants were crazier than others and that I was very grateful that he’s my closest neighbor! 🙂

It snowed at 3:30 with a very black sky, the sun came out a few minutes and now at 4 PM, I can see the black coming over the mountains again. Darkness came soon after that. I will be very glad to gain back minutes of daylight!

Mmmmmmm….broccoli salad. I fried up some onion dices in coconut oil, then added bacon bits. I took the pre-steamed broccoli out of the fridge and put it in a bowl, cold. I added some shredded cheese, salt and pepper, plus the onions and bacon bits. I stirred in just enough mayo to hold it all together and a handful of raisins. It was very good 🙂