I started pondering things as I hand washed my undergarments for the bazillionth time. I decided to figure out how long it has been since I did laundry. Whoa! That’s unbelievable and embarassing. 72 days since I went to the laundromat. I got the above note on my door last week. I am NOT using the machines upstairs. When the new machines were installed, it must have rousted the resident bed bug population. Eeeeeewwwwww! The public laundromat might not be any better, but I will take my chances.

Often when a pain stops, I forget about it. I was just thinking this morning…after my intestines were misbehaving and migrating over from the right sided hernia to the left side a few times….they have not done it again 🙂 That was a wicked intense pain, so I am glad it stopped! The darned hernia hurts enough, as is.

As I was fixing lunch, an ambulance came in with no lights flashing and no fire truck. Soon after I finished eating lunch, another quiet ambulance drove in. I wonder what’s up? I got dressed for the first time in days because I realized I forgot to check the free table on Saturday. That’s when someone brings free bread. Slim pickings on Sunday, but I got a bag of 4 bread bowls. I didn’t see anybody, so couldn’t ask who got hauled away. Then tonight, a third ambulance showed up. I hope it’s not catching.

And about that lunch….I had forgotten how messy it is to cook with red palm oil. It gets on everything! My nightgown is covered in orange stains from 5 minutes of cooking with palm oil.

My heater is not working. I turned it on for about 20 minutes this morning. It had to click dozens of times until it started up. This evening, all that’s happening is a humming and straining noise. Neither the fan or heater have come on after an hour. Ever since the heater was taken out and put back in again, there has been quite the draft. It feels like whatever seal was around the heater, between inside and outside, is missing.

There is nothing between the metal unit and the outdoors. Seems like stupid engineering for both very hot and very cold times. When people go by and shovel or snow-blow snow into the louvers….it melts into the inside concrete and gets mold growing. This whole building has no weatherproofing on doors and windows. That’s why rain is able to flood the community room from under the doors. The emergency door near my apartment has wind whistling through. I looked up the average cost of electricity by state. Vermont is twice as much as Utah. That and the much colder weather is why Vermonters care more than Utahns about energy conservation.

Rocky Mountain Power says Utah has overabundance of alternate energy

And related to energy usage, Rocky Mountain Power is complaining that there are too many alternative sources of power such as solar, wind and hydro. They want to quit paying for it. They own their own coal pits and want to generate more with coal. These are the same buffoons who don’t believe in climate change…..because they own the coal. Duh!

Oooooohhhhh….this is an interesting article. Utah seems to have plenty of idiots per square mile, Vermonters seem to be more enlightened. One of the things I really, really, really miss is the level of intelligence and public discourse in Vermont. It sure isn’t happening here 😦 An Extremely Detailed Geography of Climate Change Beliefs